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COP28 Doing Its Best With Plant-Based & Vegan Offerings

Changes to this years COP28 conference in Dubai reflect the growing global demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly food choices.

Over 250,000 meals will be served during the 10-day COP28 event, showcasing a diverse range of plant-based and vegan options, a proactive response to previous calls for more 'clean' food offerings at such gatherings.

UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment Mariam Almheiri

Source: COP28 - UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment Mariam Almheiri adressing working group.

This shift not only caters to health-conscious attendees but also partly aligns with the conference's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Here's a list of those operators designated either vegan or plant-based.

Chuck Chick: Revolutionising fast food with its vegan chick'n burgers, Chuck Chick has been a crowd favorite since its inception in London, now gracing Dubai with its eco-friendly yet delicious offerings.

Chuck Chick food montage

Source: Chuck Chick

PRUNCH: This fusion food truck embodies the cultural blend of Indian heritage and Dubai upbringing. PRUNCH's menu is a celebration of flavors from around the world, all wrapped in a vegan package.

Sweet Corn: Specialising in vegan sweet corn, this food truck offers a wholesome treat, serving steamed corn glazed with vegan butter and seasoned with a medley of spices.

THRYVE: A pioneer in sustainable food production, THRYVE uses the environmentally friendly faba bean to create nutritious plant-based meats, setting a new standard for eco-conscious eating.

THRYVE bean burger

Source: THRYVE

Vietnamese Foodies: This family-run restaurant brings the essence of Vietnamese cuisine to Dubai, offering a range of healthy, vegan-friendly dishes that are as nutritious as they are flavorful.

Just Vegan - a simply 'attired' cafe/restaurant in down-town Dubai offering all vegan food. But unfortunately its description is quite minimal.

Just Vegan Plater

Source: Just Vegan

Wild & The Moon: A testament to the belief that good food can be both healthy for people and the planet, Wild & The Moon offers a variety of organic, plant-based dishes, ranging from salads to smoothies, and more.

Roots & Rolls, Barcelona's pioneer in 100% plant-based sushi, is at the forefront of innovative plant-based gastronomy in the city. The Asian-inspired menu showcases signature delights such as plant-based sushi, karaage, gyozas, kimchi, baos, and much more, offering an adventurous, wholesome, and delicious dining experience.

Roots and Rolls Sushi

Source: Roots and Rolls

PXB Café: Situated in Expo City's BLUE ZONE, PXB Café is not just a food spot but a beacon of plant-based living, emphasizing whole, natural foods and a deep connection to their origins.

Expo City Farm: Located in the GREEN ZONE, this innovative urban farm is more than a dining venue; it's an educational center where visitors can learn about sustainable living and vegan cooking.

Switch Foods: Abu Dhabi plant-based FoodTech startup committed to driving consumers towards plant-based food products without compromising on taste, health, or ethics.

Switch Foods Kafta

Source: Switch Foods Plant-based Kafta

This quality array of plant-based and vegan food options at COP28 is not only about a culinary choice but also a reflection of a growing deeper commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. It marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future, responding to the calls for more eco-friendly practices at these sorts of global events.

While this is a commendable step forward, it also raises the question of how much further we can go in integrating sustainability into every aspect of such large-scale events, furthering our commitment to a healthier Earth.

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