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Daisy Lab's First Tasters Revel in Non-Dairy Whey Prototypes

Auckland based Daisy Lab's made headlines, hosting an exclusive event where a select group of Kiwis had the privilege of being the first to taste prototype products that could redefine dairy. Among the offerings, a standout was the collaboration with the Giapo Ice Cream, producing an ice-cream promising to be a game-changer in the world of non-dairy alternatives.

Icecream made with Daisy Lab's precision fermented non-dairy whey powder

Source: Daisy Lab Icecream made with non-dairy whey made by precision fermentation

Celebrating a significant milestone, Daisy Lab, showcased their mastery in precision fermentation with the unveiling a collaborative range of prototype products. This method allows for the creation of dairy-identical proteins without the cow, blending New Zealand's rich dairy heritage with a vision for a more sustainable future. Estimates suggest this technology could slash greenhouse gas emissions by over 90%, a figure resonating deeply in today's environmentally conscious society.

The event was a vibrant affair, mirroring the innovative spirit of Daisy Lab's founders, Irina Miller, Nicole Freed, and Emily McIsaac. Attendees were treated to an array of products, from vegan cheeses to a coconut-based vanilla yoghurt, and notably, a high-protein soy milk base ice-cream. It appears the icecream was a winner, developed in partnership with Gianpaolo Grazioli of Giapo Ice Cream, capturing guests pallets with its rich flavour and creamy texture, and definitely challenging traditional dairy ice-cream conventions.

Source: Daisy Lab - Slides Guests briefing on cheeses, Co-Founders Nikki Freed, CEO-Irina Miller and Emily McIsaac

 Co-Founder and CEO Irina Miller says feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, with guests praising the taste and quality of the offerings and the closeness to familiar qualities of dairy products.

Looking forward, Daisy Lab is not just stopping at prototype tasting. They aim to upscale their production, eyeing the development of commercial-scale dairy-identical proteins. The ultimate goal is to meet the growing global demand for sustainable dairy alternatives without compromising on taste or environmental integrity.

As Daisy Lab embarks on this journey, they carry with them the support of New Zealand's dairy and startup ecosystems, along with the wisdom of countless advisers. This event marks not just a milestone for the company but a step towards a future where dairy indulgence is guilt-free and environmentally friendly.

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