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Chef Gordon Ramsay Backs Vegan Ramen to Tackle Food Insecurity

Outspoken British Chef Gordon Ramsay has joined forces with food technology company Borealis Foods in a partnership aimed at addressing food insecurity.

Source: Gordon Ramsay

The collaboration centers around the promotion and distribution of Borealis Foods' Chef Woo and Ramen Express vegan ramen meals, designed to provide accessible and nutritious options to combat the challenges of inadequate nutrition.

Chef Woo Ramen, created by Borealis stands out as the world's first plant-based ramen noodle, boasting 20 grams of complete vegan protein per serving.

Source: Chef Woo

With a focus on affordability and convenience, the Ramen aims to make healthy vegan options accessible to individuals who may overlook proper nutrition.

Borealis Founder and CEO Reza Soltanzadeh says his company is excited about Ramsay's involvement, emphasizing the high profile chef's culinary expertise, business acumen, and international recognition. '

'Gordon Ramsay's strategic partnership and guidance will significantly contribute to achieving our objectives and drive momentum around the mission to provide nutritious, high-protein meals at affordable prices. We want to address the issue of food insecurity both in the United States and globally' says Reza Soltanzadeh.

The Chef Woo Ramen brand and the popular Ramen Express Ramen brand are already available in over 15,000 US stores, including major retailers like Walmart and Costco.

Despite his previous reservations about veganism, Gordon Ramsay has embraced the concept, incorporating vegan options into his restaurants and showcasing vegan recipes on social media and television shows.

Ramsay, who holds seven Michelin stars across his restaurant group, has demonstrated his commitment to vegan cuisine.

His restaurants now offer diverse vegan dishes, and he has consistently shared vegan recipes, captivating audiences with creations like eggplant steak, crispy vegan bacon, and vegan bang bang cauliflower.

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