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A Vein to be Tapped as abillion Heads to 20-Million Conscious Consumers '24

abillion founder Vikas Garg

In an era where sustainability and conscious living are more than just buzzwords, the founder of abillion, Vikas Garg (pictured left), has harnessed the power of a dedicated and vast community to spearhead the vegan movement into the mainstream.

Since its inception in July 2017, abillion has not only been a guiding light for those looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle but has also amassed a database of more 12 million individuals keen on making more sustainable choices, with more to come.

This diverse group of conscious consumers represents a "captive market" that many plant-based startups and manufacturers may be overlooking. "With 80% of its community being women, 40% identifying as vegan or vegetarian, and a surprising 60% as meat-eaters exploring vegan options, abillion offers unparalleled access to a broad spectrum of consumers ready to be tapped into" says Vikas Garg.

In an interview with, Vikas Garg's says his mission began with a simple yet ambitious goal to help a billion people transition to a vegan lifestyle. Over the years, the platform has seen exponential growth, with 2022 and 2023 marking consecutive record years. The target for 2024 is even more audacious. " We are aiming to onboard an additional 8 million people. This growth is testament to the increasing interest in veganism and the effectiveness of abillion in fostering this community", says Vikas Garg.

Critics of veganism often cite propaganda from legacy animal meat companies as a barrier to the lifestyle's adoption. Vikas Garg, however, remains optimistic. "Veganism is on the rise worldwide. People are searching for purpose, and this lifestyle brings purpose into so many decisions we make throughout our day," says Vikas Garg.

Despite concerns the term 'vegan' might deter potential adopters due to mainstream media influence, abillion's approach has been to embrace the movement's evolving nature. "As the movement grows, so too will its acceptance, eventually becoming a celebrated choice", says Vikas Garg.

Source: Slide of abillion product and media pages

A unique aspect of abillion is its inclusivity and support for plant-based businesses. The platform provides a stage for both nascent startups and established companies to showcase their products to a receptive audience. "This democratisation of exposure is pivotal in leveling the playing field and encouraging innovation and growth within the plant-based sector".

Already multinationals have woken to abillion with Nestle pitching its vegan-plant-based products into the community's platform.

As for the future, Vikas Garg envisions a world where non-animal products are not just a niche market but a global standard. "I predict a significant shift towards natural, less processed products across various industries, from food to fashion and beyond. This transition aligns with a growing consumer demand for healthier, more sustainable options that contribute positively to both personal wellbeing and the planet", says Vikas Garg.

abillion opportunities logo

Source: abillion

There is no-doubt abillion stands as a testament to the power of community and technology in driving social change. By bridging the gap between consumers and ethical brands, it not only accelerates the adoption of veganism but also underscores the potential of conscious consumerism in shaping a more sustainable future.

"For plant-based startups and manufacturers, the message is clear: tapping into the "abillion vein could unlock a vast, engaged, and ready market, eager to support businesses that align with their values", concludes Vikas Garg. With the potential of 20-million subscribers by years end it would only be the fool hardy who'd disagree.

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