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How Does 250-Thousand Litres Sound? UK’s Ivy Farm & Finland’s Synbio Powerlabs Power-Up Cultivated Meat Bioreactors

Leading UK cultivated meat company, Ivy Farm Technologies, is partnering with Finland's Synbio Powerlabs to bring cultivated meat closer to the dining table. This partnership will scale production at the world's largest cultivated meat facility.

With a €2.99 million grant from the Finnish government, Synbio Powerlabs is transforming a facility near Helsinki into a major hub for food innovation. Scheduled to launch in early 2025, the facility will feature production vessels at 10,000L and 27,000L, plus six 250,000L manufacturing vessels, with the capacity to produce thousands of kilograms of cultivated meat annually.

PFN Ai depiction of cultivated meat in bioreactors

Source: PFN Ai depiction of cultivated meat in bioreactors

Richard Dillon, CEO of Ivy Farm, says "This partnership allows us to scale our production efficiently, moving us closer to making cultivated meat a common choice for families.”

Alejandro Antalich, Chairman of Synbio Powerlabs, added, “Working with Ivy Farm, we’re making sustainable, high-quality meat a reality. Together, we’re shaping the future of food production.”

PFN Ai depiction of lab technician testing cultivated meat cuts

Source: PFN Ai depiction of lab technician testing cultivated meat cuts

The announcement was made at Iceland Innovation Week, where Ivy Farm showcased its cultivated beef, giving attendees a taste of what's to come.

The Nordic region is ready for cultivated meat, with forward-thinking consumers and regulators. This collaboration is a significant step towards offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional meat, making a positive impact on the environment and the food industry.

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