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A Fish Called Wanda Catches $7-Million To Land Sustainable Bluefin On Our Plates

Wanda Fish Technologies, a cutting-edge bio-foodtech start-up, has caught a sizeable $7 million in seed funding, to fast track sustainable bluefin tuna onto the consumers plates.

Imagine a world where you can eat bluefin tuna without the guilt of contributing to over-fishing and ocean pollution. Wanda Fish is on a mission to make this a reality.

Toro cut from bluefin

Source: Alexander Raths Toro Cut of Bluefin

Founded by biotechnology innovator Daphna Heffetz, the company is pioneering the production of premium-quality, cultivated bluefin tuna outside of the ocean.

The funding injection will turbocharge the development of a cultivated whole-cut bluefin tuna filet, designed to replicate the texture, flavour, and nutritional value of its wild-caught counterpart. Not only will this sustainable filet bear the same taste and texture of its ocean cousin, but it will also be free from common ocean pollutants like mercury and micro-plastics.


Daphna Heffetz, the co-founder and CEO of Wanda Fish, expressed excitement about collaborating with the Aqua-Spark company to advance their venture rapidly.

'The ultimate goal is to create a tasty and sustainable bluefin tuna alternative for consumers, reducing the pressure on our delicate marine ecosystems', says Daphna Heffetz.

Bluefin tuna is a coveted fish known for its exceptional taste and nutritional benefits. However, over fishing has pushed it to the brink of endangerment. The additional challenge is the pollution found in ocean-caught tuna, making the need for sustainable alternatives more pressing than ever.

With this funding, Wanda Fish is making significant strides in the development of a whole-cut bluefin tuna prototype, offering a promising solution to the challenges facing our oceans. Their proprietary technique allows precise control over fat levels in their products, resulting in a range of tantalizing filet cuts, including the highly sought-after Toro cut.

Bluefin tuna fillet

Source: Wanda Fish Bluefin Tuna Fillet

The partnership with Aqua-Spark and other investors not only accelerates Wanda Fish's journey to bring sustainable bluefin tuna to consumers but also promises a delicious and planet-friendly alternative in the flourishing world of FoodTech. Stay tuned for a new era of guilt-free, ocean-friendly dining.

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