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A Culinary Coup Between Heinz Tomato Sauce And FAUCHON Paris With A Tomacaron

This is a story a bit outside our nice subject matter but we couldn't let it pass and here is why?

Welcome to ValinHeinz day !!!

In a wacky culinary move only the French could execute with such panache, Heinz and FAUCHON Paris have unveiled their latest creation set to redefining the boundaries of food innovation this Valentine's Day, aptly renamed "ValenHeinz."

This gastronomic venture marries the iconic tang of Heinz Tomato Ketchup with the delicate artistry of FAUCHON’s macarons, introducing the world to the first-ever “Tomacaron.” Crafted by the deft hands of FAUCHON's Executive Chef Sébastien Monceaux and his macaron mavens, this unique confection promises a blend of flavours defying expectation.

Source: FAUCHON Paris - Tomato Ketchup Macaron -Tomacaron- & the development team.

The Tomacaron, interweaves the signature sweetness of red berries, the nuanced earthiness of rhubarb, and a zesty kick of ginger with the unmistakable zing of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. This exclusive offering tempts the palate with its complex canvas of flavours really, embodying the adventurous spirit of culinary exploration...Tomato Ketchup macarons!!!

FAUCHON and Heinz's collaboration celebrates the whimsical allure of unexpected pairings, a testament to the idea opposites do indeed attract. The partnership aims to ignite an "irrational love" among the French, and possibly, the world over, for these novel flavour combinations.

Does this innovation opens up opportunity for more protein based Macaron's like mushroom, seaweed and other umami flavours? Ai thinks so.

Umami macarons via Ai

Source: PFN : Ai. Prompt Create Umami flavoured savoury protein macarons

The Grand Café Fauchon stands as the sole venue where this avant-garde macaron can be savored, with a special event, “Tomacaron x L’Ineveru: Surprise your ValenHeinz,” slated for the 14th of February 2024.

This ephemeral delight is available for a limited time, from the 14th to the 29th of February 2024, with the first 57 reservations receiving an exclusive box of eight Tomacarons.



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