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The Very Best 2022 Vegan Christmas Roast Links

As each year goes by the Vegan Christmas becomes more exciting with the advent of new and innovative ways to enjoy the festive season without the need for animal meat.

Now there is a choice of twenty three recipes or eight, forty-eight or just one or two; its up to you!

In New Zealand the only companies we can see selling Vegan Christmas Roasts are :

The CFS stocks two of the same products as Berkano but has a few other interesting looking soy and nut based lines.

Naturally Organic based in Auckland also is stocking the Field Roast range which incidentally is an imported product from the US. Its a shame no-one in NZ is producing a hearty local vegan roast that we can find. If you know of a NZ producer of Christmas roasts please let us know!!

So what is the rest of the world looking like this Christmas season. The innovation and creativity showing is quite inspirational.

First up Australia. Lets Go Vegan has a comprehensive list of whats available, some the same brands as seen in NZ but we love what Aldi has to offer. Of German origin, based on this writer's previous experience, its not only comfortably priced, its also a very tasty product.

Aldi's No Turkey Christmas roast is shown in the image. › vegan-christmas-roasts-in-australia-this-year Vegan Christmas Roasts in Australia this year - Let's Go Vegan! Simply remove from packaging, pop in the oven and cook for approximately 30 mintues. Remove from the oven and pour the contents of the satchet on top of the roast and cook for a further 10 minutes. Aldi’s Vegan-Friendly Christmas Roast. No Turkey Roast $6.99 › ... › 17-vegan-roast-dinner-recipes-ready-for-christmas 23 vegan roast dinners that will please everyone this Christmas 23 festive vegan roast dinners that will satisfy everyone this Christmas 1. Butternut Squash Wellington Roasting a whole butternut squash, scooping out the middle and then stuffing it with... 2. Vegan Seitan Kleftiko This impressive seitan recipe is guaranteed to get your guests talking this ... › living › 8-delicious-vegan-christmas-roasts 8 Delicious Vegan Christmas Roasts - PETA UK 8 Delicious Vegan Christmas Roasts Vegusto Special Vegan Roast. This mouth-watering roast is filled with Vegusto’s own dairy-free cheese. It can be ordered... VBites Meat-Free Turkey Roast. Anyone looking for a “meaty” roast will enjoy this turkey-style option from VBites. Order... Clive’s Nut ... › best-vegan-roast-to-buy-for-holidays-review Review: Finding the Best Vegan Roast to Buy for the Holidays - Insider The original meatless roast, Tofurky made its big debut when it hit stores in 1995, giving vegetarians and vegans a new option for their turkey-free holidays. The 26-ounce plant-based roast made primarily of soy and seitan, which is meant to mimic meat and contains a wild-rice stuffing, cost me $13.99 at Sprouts. › features › the-best-vegan-christmas-recipes-featuring... 48 vegan Christmas recipe ideas for your vegan Christmas dinner Festive Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls with Mince & Cranberry. Everyone’s favourite comfort food can now be enjoyed as a festive nibble with this creative spin on vegan macaroni and cheese. GET THE RECIPE ⇨. 6. Vegan Parsnip & Cauliflower Cheese Bake. Take your cauliflower cheese to the next level with the addition of parsnip. › chestnut-cashew-nut-vegan-christmas-roast Chestnut and Cashew Nut Roast – Vegan Christmas Roast - Thinly Spread Presenting A Vegan Christmas Roast Decorate your roast with fresh herbs. Rosemary, Sage and Thyme are perfect for a Christmas wreath. Add jewels! Cranberries just look like little baubles on a Christmas tree to me! Serve it all up with pizzazz – pop it on a pretty cake stand and make it the star of ... › watch?v=aVvzItvYXYI THE BEST CHRISTMAS VEGAN ROASTS - YouTube CHRISTMAS WREATH RECIPE - TATIN - If you are game enough you may choose to bring together your own mushroom, walnut and vegetable roast wrapped in vegan pastry. Either way there are enough vegan roast products available globally for you to be NOT the ODD one out at the family Christmas dinner this year.

Bon Appetite



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