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Spanish Innovator Eurocaviar Wows Gastronomes at Anuga Food Fair

At the recent Anuga Food Fair in Cologne, Germany, the spotlight was on Eurocaviar, a innovative Spanish company known for their high quality food spherifications - caviar-like beads of seaweed flavours.

With over 40 years of culinary expertise, Eurocaviar has perfected innovative thinking designed to enhance the gastronomic experience.

Eurocaviar offers a unique spin on caviar, crafting similar delicate spheres using just seaweed alternatives-no fish died or was harmed in the production process.

Eurocaviar Wakame flavour

Source: Eurocaviar

Chari Serrano Navarro, Sales and Operations head at Eurocaviar, says the tiny flavour-packed spheres add an exciting dimension to dishes - fine dining and casual alike.

'We've mastered the art of spherification to transform wakame and codium seaweeds into delightful pearls, enriching Asian cuisines, sushi, and salads', says Chari Navarro.

Eurocaviar Codium beads

Source: Eurocaviar

Eurocaviar's wakame spheres were a popular choice at Anuga receiving alot of interest from food service executives and chefs.

The company also utilises rare codium seaweed, distinctive for its intense ocean flavour and fragrance.

Source: Eurocaviar

Looking ahead, Eurocaviar has plans to introduce more seaweed flavours, promising gastronomes a veritable feast of flavours.

Whether adding a unique touch to hot or cold dishes, these sustainable seaweed spheres are a delicious addition worth exploring.

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