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Dr Drain Goes To Fortnums To Talk About His Cocoa Free Chocolate

UK's sustainable chocolate maker, WNWN Food Labs, is teaming up with Fortnum & Mason for a collaboration during Fortnum's Harvest Week from September 22 to 28 at their Piccadilly, London flagship store.

Dr. Johnny Drain, WNWN's Chief Technology Officer, is 'over the moon' about the invitation to be a part of the week.

'Fortnum’s is an institution of good taste, and to be on their radar at all, let alone link up for this deep dive into food systems and sustainability, has been a great adventure,' says Dr Drain.

Fortnum's Harvest Week is bringing together experts to explore the intricacies of modern food production and agriculture.

WNWN Fortnums Harvest Festival

Source: WNWN

Dr. Drain will introduce WNWN's innovative cocoa-free chocolate, highlighting its role in building a resilient and sustainable food system in the face of climate change.

The global chocolate industry faces challenges, including soaring cocoa prices, environmental concerns, and human rights issues. In the UK and the U.S., cocoa prices have surged by 66% and 46%, respectively. The EU has banned cocoa linked to deforestation, and a U.S. lawsuit targets cocoa harvested by child labor. Cocoa crops are also threatened by climate change, raising concerns of chocolate shortages.

WNWN's cocoa-free chocolate is a unique product, crafted from plant-based ingredients using cereals and legumes. It's vegan, caffeine-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, and low in sugar. An internal analysis shows it emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional chocolate and avoids deforestation and unfair labor practices.

Source: WNWN - Cocoa free chocolate.

Fortnum's Harvest Week explores diverse food and beverage themes. WNWN will host an event on September 28, featuring Dr. Drain's demonstration. Limited space is available for participants, with standing room open to the public.

For details and registration CLICK HERE.



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