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Herbivore Plant-Based Butter Company Wins Foodstuffs Small Supplier Emerge Award

This year ten finalists showcased their products, marking the culmination of the 2023 Foodstuffs Emerge competition with the spotlight falling on Solid, a sustainable oral care product, and Herbivore, with its premium plant-based butter, emerged as a standout amidst ten finalists from more than 100 entrants.

The Herbivore butter team

Source: Foodstuffs NZ - Herbivore Winners Small Business Category

Foodstuffs, a New Zealand owned and operated cooperative, introduces more than 9,000 new products annually to their partners' shelves, underscoring their commitment to nurturing local innovation and supporting the dreams of Kiwi consumer goods creators.

Craig Brown, representing Herbivore, says without doubt, 'Foodstuffs Emerge' is New Zealand's foremost grocery innovation platform.

At the core of Herbivore's ideology lies the vision of a world where "butter grows on trees." Appreciative of Foodstuffs' backing and acknowledgment, Herbivore stresses its commitment to challenging conventional boundaries while embracing sustainability and innovation.

Herbivore 225g plant butter pack

Source: Herbivore Butter 225g pack

The competition's criteria extended beyond demonstrating product desirability to also emphasising sustainability and alignment with changing customer social expectations.

Both Solid and Herbivore, secured a prize package valued at $70,000 in media support, tailored in-store activations, supply chain guidance, strategic workshops, and sustainability consultations.

For more information about Herbivore CLICK HERE



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