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Vince Mince A Small NZ Plant-Based Business Making Nutritional Waves

In the ever-growing landscape of plant-based businesses, Vince Mince stands out as a small New Zealand-based business making nutritional waves.

Founded by Whangarei, NZ based, husband and wife team, Debbie and Nigel Stowe, Vince offers a fully plant-based 'mince' product gaining popularity among vegans and individuals with special nutritional needs.

Debbie & Nigel Stowe from Vince MInce

Source: VINCE - Co-CEOs Debbie and Nigel Stowe

Nigel says Vince (Veggie and Mince) was initially created to meet the dietary requirements of their own vegan family.

'What sets Vince apart is our commitment to catering to special nutritional needs with a sustainably produced plant-based product. We are driven by our own personal experience of raising a child with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and giftedness', says Nigel Stowe, Co-CEO with his wife, Debbie.

'We recognised the need for a plant-based alternative providing essential nutrients. This inspired us to develop Vince, a versatile and nutritionally rich product that could benefit not only our family but also others in similar situations', says Debbie Stowe.

Source: VINCE - Classic Kiwi Mexican Italian

Vince has now set its sights on expanding its reach and making a significant impact on the global market.

With the growing success of their product in the local market, Vince has begun exploring international opportunities. Already exporting to Japan in a small capacity, the company aims to expand its presence in other countries, with Australia being a potential target.

The dynamic 'Vince' duo recognise the increasing demand for plant-based alternatives worldwide, and is seeking capital through fundraising efforts to boost production capacity and support its growing export ventures.

Nigel Stowe says their mission goes beyond business success.

'We are striving to address the concerning statistics regarding nutritional deficiencies in New Zealand children. According to Ministry of Health statistics, only 6% of Kiwi kids and 10% of adults meet the recommended daily intake of vegetables', says Nigel Stowe.

Source: Vince - Burger Lasagne Nachos

'Vince's plant-based 'mince' offers a convenient and tasty solution to incorporate more plant-based nutrition into people's diets, helping to bridge the gap and improve overall health and wellbeing'.

Vince has already secured a core ranging with New World, a leading NZ supermarket chain, indicating the growing demand for their product. In September of this year, they plan to launch their product across 145 New World stores in New Zealand, provided they can secure the necessary funding. This expansion will not only contribute to Vince's growth but also facilitate increased accessibility to nutritious plant-based options for consumers.


Vince, a small New Zealand plant-based business, is making a significant impact on the nutritional landscape by offering a fully plant-based 'mince' product addressing the needs of 'plant-based families, flexitarians and individuals with special dietary requirements. With their dedication to promoting healthy eating habits and their ambitions to expand internationally, Vince aims to contribute to a healthier future while providing a delicious and sustainable alternative for those seeking plant-based options. As Vince continues to raise capital and increase production capacity, their reach and influence in the industry is set to grow, making nutritional waves both locally and globally.

After winning the 2019 Northland Inc Innovate Award, Vince was a Pantry Category Winner at the 2021 NZ Food Awards and won the top prize in the small supplier category at the 2022 Foodstarter Competition.

Would you like more information about VINCE? CLICK HERE.


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