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No Let-Up In Plant-Based And Cultivated Meat Development

The last week has seen seismic proportion announcements from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 'new world protein' certification.

The latest - UPSIDE FOODS and GOOD Meat now can gear up production and marketing to sell their cell-cultured or known as cultivated meat to consumers.

Good meat cell-cultured chicken

Source: Good Meat

But first, like other plant-based protein manufacturers like Australia's (PB) BOLDLY FOODS, (CC) MAGIC VALLEY and Israel's (CC) ALEPH and STEAKHOLDER FOODS Bio-Printed products, all are using food service as their point of entry to a consumer market.

Here they can comfortably 'scale-up' production as they concurrently perfect 'recipes' and product continuity.

Check out the latest news regarding the USDA's certification and the torrent of progress predicted to follow. CLICK HERE

Good Meat's website announcement

Source: Good Meat

It remains 'early days', but one thing is very sure; human nutrition has never seen anything like this before and could be akin to a cave person inadvertently throwing the carcass of an animal on a fire and indulging in the 'roasted product' by mistake. Except this time the revolution is part of a global push to see the reduction in green house gas emissions and a movement away from massive, wasteful and bloody industrialised slaughterhouse animal meat processing.

Whilst Human conditioning is yet to be widely tested regarding a desire to actually eat cell cultivated-meat, it does indeed provide Humanity with a life-line at a time of monumental need.



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