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New Culture Animal-Free Pizza Cheese Redefines Deliciousness

New Culture, a US-based company, is leading a significant development in plant-based animal-free pizza cheese using what is termed as 'precision fermentation'.

New Culture Mozzarella

Source: New Culture

'Old World' , cheese's defining qualities; texture, melt, and flavour, are attributed to casein protein found exclusively in animal milk. Yet, New Culture is reimagining this by producing casein without any animal-derived ingredients bringing plant-based innovation to your pizza toppings.

The key lies in fermentation. New Culture employs microorganisms to transform sugars into new substances through "precision fermentation." While a novel concept to some, precision fermentation is a well-established technique utilised in various grocery store products for ethical, sustainable, and cost-effective production.

New Culture Mozzarella

Source: New Culture

Microbes are trained to produce casein, cultivated in large fermentation tanks, and fed sugars to yield animal-free casein. This ingredient is then combined using traditional cheesemaking methods with water, plant-based fats, salt, a touch of sugar, vitamins, and minerals, resulting in a simple cheese with clear labeling.

New Culture's plant-based cheese offers several benefits:

  • Zero cholesterol

  • Lactose-free

  • No trace of hormones or antibiotics

New Culture aims to create a more sustainable food system that considers the environment and animals. Cheese production significantly impacts water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and land use.

Replacing animal milk with casein fermentation reduces water and land usage by over 90% and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%, making it a planet-friendly alternative to traditional farming.

By revolutionising cheese-making, New Culture reduces the environmental impact of cheese production. This approach allows consumers to enjoy dairy without compromising environmental and animal welfare concerns.

As environmental awareness, health considerations, and ethical values grow, the non-dairy cheese market is expanding. New Culture's innovations reflect broader changes in the culinary landscape. A variety of plant-based cheese alternatives, including precision fermentation-based options, are gaining popularity.

New Culture Mozzarella

Source: New Culture

The growing non-dairy cheese market highlights changing preferences and demonstrates increased demand for sustainable, cruelty-free alternatives to dairy. Innovations like New Culture's cheeses enable consumers to align their choices with their values and contribute to a more compassionate and ecologically balanced food system.

New Culture's plant-based fermented Mozzarella has never made pizzas taste so good and all without the animal.

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