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UK VBites Turning Over A New Leaf With Heather Mills Buy-Back.

Much to the delight of UK's bustling vegan scene, VBites Founder and Philanthropist, Heather Mills is bringing the company back to life.

VBites Logo

It's been reported after facing a tough period of administration triggered by her German business partner right before Christmas, Heather Mills will 'bring back' the VBites brand she originally sprouted nearly 20 years ago. (The Administrators notice is still on the VBites website at least until the paperwork is completed)

With a reported £1 million rescue deal, she has reclaimed the essential assets of her cherished VBites brand. This heartfelt move not only salvages machinery and intellectual property but also breathes life back into the company's social media presence, resonating with a chorus of support from followers.

In an act of profound commitment, Mills has also forgiven a substantial personal £4.8 million of debt, bolstering the prospects for all creditors involved.

Heather Mills and VBites product

Source: VBites - Heather Mills

The adversity faced by VBites which included soaring energy bills, climbing raw material costs, and a cooling demand for plant-based products amidst economic pressures hasn't dampened Mills's spirit. Instead, it's fueled her resolve to rekindle the company's legacy by reassembling the VBites family, bringing back 40 employees to the fold and ensuring existing factories remain humming.

This rejuvenation has sparked waves of enthusiasm and heartfelt support across social media, with influential vegans and plant-based pioneers sending virtual hugs and cheers for Mills and her team.

Heather Mill's took to social media to explain her 'buy-back'. "I have chosen to resurrect the company myself, at great personal expense, and take control of the operations personally, moving back to the North-East to ensure that we are still able to make a positive contribution to the future of our global food economy. We have already developed a version 2.0 of plant-based food, soon to launch, that we believe will be a market mover and will help all of those people attempting to make a flexitarian or plant-based/Vegan transition achieve their goals more easily, both with variety and deliciousness", says Heather Mills.

Mills's vision for VBites is ambitious and nurturing. She's cooking up a storm with plans to launch new and innovative plant-based products. VBites's new lines are being pitched to those flirting with flexitarian diets and die-hard vegans alike, all while supporting a healthier, more sustainable food landscape.

VBites Instagram collage of product offerings and serving suggestions

As VBites is 're-born', it's clear Heather Mills's commitment to the brand is as robust and vibrant as the vegan community rallying behind her. With fresh beginnings and a groundswell of support, VBites is not just turning over a new leaf, it's starting an entire new garden, promising a greener, more bountiful future for all. Good luck Heather!

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