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ALDI Germany Launches New Plant-Based Brand MyVay, Celebrating Veganuary ‘24

Celebrating it's 5th anniversary participating in Veganuary, ALDI Germany has launched its MyVay vegan products which it says aligns perfectly with Veganuary, when people are encouraged to explore plant-based diets.

Aldi Germany MyVay vegan branding

Source: Aldi Germany

ALDI's involvement in this initiative underscores their dedication to fostering a shift towards more sustainable and health-conscious eating habits.

Customers at ALDI SÜD and ALDI Nord can expect a variety of affordable and innovative vegan products. Some of the highlights at ALDI SÜD include MyVay Bio-Haferdrink, The Wonder Chunks, and Cocolicious, while ALDI Nord will feature items like MyVay Der Hirte and Räucherlax.

These products are not just catering to the vegan community but are also an invitation for all customers to explore the diverse flavours and benefits of plant-based foods.

Aldi Germany MyVay vegan branding

Source: Aldi Germany

To support customers in their plant-based journey, ALDI is offering a range of vegan recipe ideas on their websites. These recipes aim to make vegan cooking easy, delicious, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their culinary skills.

With this expansion, ALDI continues to solidify its position as a leader in offering sustainable and affordable food options.

Aldi Germany recipes

Source: Aldi SUD

The introduction of the MyVay brand reflects ALDI's understanding of the evolving consumer trends towards healthier and more environmentally friendly eating habits.

This move not only caters to the growing demand for plant-based products, but says Aldi it also aligns with their corporate responsibility towards sustainability and conscious consumerism.

For more information on Aldi's My Vay CLICK HERE

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