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UK Supermarket Chains Push Vegan Products In Response To Customer Demand

Each year around this time in the UK food retailers release more plant-based vegan onto their shelves. This Veganuary has been no exception.

Leading the pack without-doubt is ASDA who've announced a combined 112 products for release with the bulk appearing on shelves and chiller this month alone.

  • Asda launches two brand new vegan ranges containing over 112 products

  • The OMV! range will offer indulgent meat-free meals and delicious snacks, whilst the Plant Based range provides healthy, nutritionist-approved meat alternatives

  • 86 products available both in-store and online from January, with the full range becoming available throughout the year.

According to ASDA "the OMV! range contains decadent, tasty treats sure to tantalise your tastebuds, whilst the Plant Based range offers nutritionally balanced meat-free meals that don’t compromise on flavour.

New for January 2023, Asda’s OMV! Hot & Spicy No Chicken Burgers (£2.25) are a must-try. Prepared with a succulent pea and wheat protein blend and encased in a zingy hot and spicy crumb, they’re perfect for pairing with the delightfully soft OMV! Brioche Burger Buns (£1.15), for an easy Friday night dinner with family or friends.

For those missing a hearty fry-up on those cold, January mornings, the Plant Based by Asda Bacon style rashers (£2) are a brilliant choice. Made with wheat protein, and nutritionist-approved, the 100% vegan rashers can be indulged on in between slices of soft farmhouse bread, or as an accompaniment to the juicy and flavour filled OMV! No Pork Caramelised Red Onion Sausages (£2)"

ALDI, ASDA's major UK competitor has also increased it range of vegan products in response to ‘ fulfil the nation’s hunger for vegan food’, with budget based options

According to Vegan Food & Living Aldi's range includes a large lineup which fall under the retailer’s Plant Menu range; included are a new plant-based steak, fish cakes and burgers, and vegan duck.

ALDI describes their Battered Sausages (£1.69, 180g), as a ‘supermarket first’. A definite 'tip of the hat' to the very foundations of the UK eating culture.

Other products include the Plant Menu No Chicken Wings (£1.99, 210g), featuring crispy coated soya wings available in either buffalo or southern fried flavour.

As well is Aldi’s Plant Menu Pulled No Pork and Plant Menu Shredded No Duck (£2.49, 310g), featuring succulent meat coated in BBQ sauce, both for the slightly more discerning plant-based pallet.

Currently ALDI UK stock 129 vegan plant-based products and increasing.

The quality and packaging of the UK manufactured or branded products is very high.

On the other-side of the world ALDI Australia's range is hidden amongst its grocery lineup and we were unable to verify exactly how many vegan products they stock at present. But one thing I can share with and this is based on personal experience ; ALDI Australia has the BEST FIRM TOFU.

Unfortunately you cannot purchase any vegan products online from ALDI Au and a link we did find to the tofu was a 404.

Woolworths, Australia on the other hand have a thriving online business and we identified a total of 149 plant-based products.

One good thing about Woolworths Australia is they have several entire pages devoted to understanding more about a plant-based diet. Here's the link:. CLICK HERE

Countdown NZ (which is is really Woolworths) stocks the BeanSupreme, Sunfed and Plan*t range making up a total of 58 plant-based vegan items., lagging somewhat behind the growing number of products available in the UK where there is larger customer base and a higher number of brands.

Pak'N Save in NZ also have 31 plant-based products including ready meals. All substantially less in price than Countdown. Check them out.

Wether you are in the UK, Australia or NZ, we hope this helps you when shopping for vegan plant-based products.

For any enquiries feel free to EMAIL US.



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