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4 In 10 Say Most People Will Be Plant-Based Inside A Decade Reveals Global Report

The latest Grains of Truth 'EAT x GlobeScan A consumer report on healthy and sustainable food systems is out for 2023. The report clearly illustrates the global plant-based vegan revolution IS gathering momentum.

Yet again a comprehensive capture of Human actuality and intention confirms a greater number of you are either taking more plant-based food into your bodies or intend to in the very near future.

The report states:

'Against a backdrop of rising food insecurity and increasing prices, a promising majority of consumers say they eat healthy food most or all of the time. A small but growing number of people say they are frequently eating vegetarian or vegan diets, but as many as four in ten people believe that in the next decade most people will probably be eating mostly plant-based diets.

  • More than one in five consumers (22%) now say that they eat plant-based or vegan food, up from 17 percent in 2019. Eating only plant-based food has increased significantly across many important markets compared to before the pandemic, including the UK and the USA.

  • Interest in trying plant-based diets is also significant, especially among younger age groups, with 40 percent of Gen Z, 43 percent of Millennials, 37 percent of Gen X, and 28 percent of Baby Boomers saying they are very interested in trying this way of eating.

  • However, there are significant gaps in some countries between those who are interested in switching to a plant-based diet and those who are already doing this. The largest gaps are in Vietnam (38 percentage points), Thailand (36 percentage points), and Brazil (22 percentage points). At the global level, younger generations also have a larger aspiration-action gap.

  • Looking toward the future, more than four in ten people (42%) say that in the next ten years most people will definitely or probably be eating plant-based food instead of meat. Younger people are more likely to think this shift will happen, as are those living in Africa and Asia. North Americans and Europeans are the least optimistic about a large-scale shift toward vegetarian eating.

A notable point is the high proportion of GenZ and Millennials who expressed a desire to know more and experiment with plant-based vegan eating. But perhaps what is more disappointing is the lower number of baby boomers who might try to eat this way.

Eds Note: Based on these figures all bodes well for the continued proliferation of plant-based eating. Could this be a direct correlation to the increasing number of aware people?

The full report can be DOWNLOADED BELOW:

Download PDF • 989KB

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