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The Only Chickpea Cheese Maker Other Than Yourself !

The mind boggles at the speed with which plant-based product innovation is happening...Now it's ChickPea Cheese!!

A few years ago four companies were working with chickpeas or a chickpea isolate to create a plant-based version of dairy cheese. Currently there is just the one we can locate from our research.

  1. ChickP is an Israeli company producing chickpea protein which they have now developed a chickpea-based cheese. ChickP developed a protein isolate which using their own technology can be recreated into firm cheeses as shown in the image.

Source: ChickP


Good PLANeT Foods is a U.S.-based company producing plant-based cheese alternatives, including products which contain chickpea protein but not as the predominant base which appears to be coconut oil. At this stage we can only find ChickP as the only producer of fermented chickpea isolate.

Source: GoodPlantFoods

Grounded Foods is a U.S.-based company that started out using using chickpeas and but now focuses on using cauliflower and hemp seed ingredients to make a variety of cheese sauce and 'goat feta' style cheeses.

LegenDairy Foods is a German Company now called FORMO which is developing a variety of dairy products, including cheese, from microbial or precision fermentation using proprietary technology. It was rumoured they developed a 'feta' type cheese using chickpeas in the past.

So where can YOU fit into the product development process. Well it appears very easily if you are OK about using a ChickPea protein powder or straight-up canned Chick Peas.

Here's what the final product can look like and the recipe link is shown below.

Making this almost 100% chick pea cheese is a relatively easy proposition. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL RECIPE. Scroll down the list of other amazing #plantbased #veganrecipes

Have fun and enjoy! :)



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