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Get Plant'd Launch Deli Sliced Beef & Ham Into Coles Outlets Australia Wide

Brisbane based Cale and Daughters Get Plant'd brand this week launch packaged beef and ham deli packs into 800-Coles supermarkets around Australia.

Source:Get Plant'd

Get Plant'd's representation of two old favourites featuring entirely plant-based ingredients join their meat-free pepperoni, bacon, roast duck, roast chicken, and roast pork lines debuting in Coles delis last year.

“Our new Get Plant’d Ham and Steak Slices are the perfect sandwich fillings and will make lunchtimes easy, says Get Plant’d co-founder Cale Drouin. “We know plant-curious shoppers are looking for convenience and variety.”

Source:Get Plant'd

Operating from its Brisbane based manufacturing plant Get Plant'd perfected the Seitan based slices under the guidance of in-house Chef Josie Wyatt.

“Our steak slices are made from seitan (wheat/mushroom protein base), a low-fat source of plant-based protein. (25.1gm/100gm) To create seitan, we take a specific type of flour, add water, and create a dough that can be seasoned and cooked to mimic traditional meat,” says Cale Drouin.

Plant'd's ham slices according to its makers is hardly discernible in taste and texture from its animal based cousins.

Source: Get Plant'd

As a committed vegan, Cale is passionate about making tasty alternative plant-based food widely accessible to mainstream Aussie shoppers.

Cale has been involved in Australia’s vegan community for over a decade – first as the owner and proprietor of numerous speciality stores, restaurants and venues, and now as a leading entrepreneur in plant-based food development. He believes in the future, there will be a vegan alternative to every product currently available in supermarkets.

Plant'd is fast heading towards their goal of having countrywide coverage of their brand.



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