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Technology Bringing Plant-Based Alternatives Closer to Traditional Cuts Of Meat

In an innovative collaboration, Planteneers, a German-based company specialising in plant-based food solutions, and Handtmann, a leader in food processing technology, are setting new benchmarks in the plant-based "cuts of meat" category.

By combining Planteneers' functional systems with Handtmann's advanced filling equipment, the partnership aims to significantly improve the quality and authenticity of plant-based meat alternatives.

The initiative focuses on creating plant-based alternatives closely mimicing texture, marbling, and taste of traditional cuts of meat. Utilising a newly developed attachment for Handtmann's filling and portioning systems, along with Planteneers' fiildMeat and fiildTex series, the collaboration enables the production of marbled plant-based steaks, like Waygu, fillet strips, and bacon with a fine fibrous structure resembles actual animal meat.

These products stand out for their ability to replicate the complex layers of meat and fat, addressing a long-standing challenge in the plant-based sector.

Source: Planteneers

A major advantage of this collaboration is the efficiency of production. The system's capacity to process over a tonne per hour surpasses existing output methods, like 3D printing. This capability is crucial for meeting the increasing demand from trade partners and consumers for sustainable, plant-based alternatives.

Planteneers brings its extensive R&D capabilities and a global network to the partnership, ensuring the development of high-quality, innovative plant-based alternatives. Handtmann's food processing technology expertise, supported by a significant R&D team and a worldwide presence, perfectly complements Planteneers' efforts.

This partnership represents a significant advancement in the plant-based industry, offering consumers alternatives not compromising on the texture and taste of meat.

With customisable size, shape, and fat content, Planteneers and Handtmann are leading the way in providing sustainable and authentic meat alternatives to a growing market.

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