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SWITCH Goes Full Kafta & Kabab To Meet Growing Middle East Plant-Based Demand

Seeking to manufacture sustainably authentic Middle Eastern food begins in the Middle East according to Switch CEO & Founder, Edward Hamod.

Until now most of the plant-based products for local UAE consumption have been imported but with Switch coming online a large gap in a growing ME market is filled. According to, the value of meat-substitute products in the UAE alone is rising, growing annually by 27.19 per cent.

Traditional Middle Eastern products include kebab, kafta, sujuk, minced meat and burger patties ; all plant-based vegan and halal-certified.

Source: Switch Foods - Kafta, Soujuk & Mince

Speaking at the opening of the company's new nearly 2000 sq meter plant in Abu Dhabi, Hamod said the timing for Middle East plant-based products is perfect.

Source: Switch - Mariam bint Mohammed AlMheiri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, cuts the tape to inaugurate the Switch Foods facility in Abu Dhabi's Kezad, along with Abdullah Al Hameli, CEO, Economic Cities and Free Zones, AD Ports Group (right), and Edward Hamod, founder and CEO of Switch Foods (left)

'The inauguration of our facility comes at a time when the UAE is celebrating the Year of Sustainability and preparing to host COP28 later this year. We're proud to be part of this national effort led by Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to identify critical areas of action for mitigating climate change and investing in sustainable food production', says Edward Hamod.

UAE follows other smaller nations reducing levels of reliance on imported food supplies by producing both plant-based and cultivated meats within their own boundaries boosting food security, sustainability and climate action efforts - other notables include Singapore and Israel.

Source: Switch - Kebab, Burger, Mince

'In a region dominated by meat consumption, we are all about delicious, healthy, and sustainable plant-based alternatives. Our products have been created for food lovers who enjoy both delicious meats and a healthy life style. Instead of just burgers and sausages, we offer a selection of meats that celebrate our local culture, inviting customers to rediscover tastes and recipes they crave the most, all while being harm-free and kind to the planet we call our home', Edward Hamod says.

The Switch range will be carried by local Abu Dhabi supermarket outlets and ultimately available throughout the UAE.

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