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Singaporean Start-Up Woos the World With Vegan Jungle Food Range

Jungle Kitchen is tapping into the very food vein which keeps Asia ticking - using local heritage ingredients, they have crafted a 'wild range 'of tropical vegan food products.

The sure-to-appeal line-up captures not only a range of exotic ingredients the region is famous for but, also the sheer food diversity typical of Southeast and South Asia; including Jackfruit and Banana Blossom used by the locals for almost ever.

Female-owned and female-run, Jungle Kitchen celebrates the often unheralded efforts of generations of Asian housewives and home cooks in the region, sharing their knowledge and a deep love of food with the world.

Source: Jungle Kitchen

Jungle Kitchen’s inaugural range of six lines includes:

JUNGLE JACK, a premium superfood vegan mince, made of 10 vegetables, roots and herbs. JUNGLE FIRE, a fiery hot sauce made from the distinctly tropical cobra chilli along and two Sri Lankan classics.

COCONUT SAMBOL, a Sri Lankan styled zesty and spicy coconut relish,POLOS CURRY, a creamy spiced jackfruit curry.

JACK IN BRINE, fresh young jackfruit in a light brine.

BANANA BLOSSOM IN BRINE, fresh chunks of banana blossom chunks in a light brine.

“Jackfruit is a good example of an ingredient that has recently gained popularity in the West, but has been a staple in Asian diets for a long time. Jungle Kitchen’s mission is to blend the trendy with the traditional, spotlighting versatile, tasty superfoods, such as Moringa and Kohila, to global palettes, said Mukeeta Manukulasuriya, Co-Founder, Jungle Kitchen.

Source: Jungle Kitchen - Fresh, tender pieces of young jackfruit tempered to perfection with Sri Lankan spices. This creamy, rich and ready-to-eat curry can be enjoyed straight from the tin with rice or bread.

Jungle Kitchen’s mission is to source the very freshest ingredients, recipes and cooking secrets from small producers, individual farms, and regions across South and Southeast Asia.

Sustainability is a big part of the brand’s wider efforts to build a crowdsourced compendium of Asian flora, with a specific focus on rating and ranking the quality and sustainability of particular regions or farms.

“Most of us can tell you where the best beef in Japan or the best pork in Spain can be found, but we have yet to do this as thoroughly with Asian produce. Where in Malaysia can I find the best gula Melaka? Where do the spiciest chilies come from?" asks Surekha Yadav, Co-Founder, Jungle Kitchen.

The team is already working on their next range, which will include more ready-to-eat products such as Asam Pedas Pisang Flower (a vegan take on the regional favourite of sour and spicy fish curry) and Butter Jack Masala (jack cooked in a buttery gravy reminiscent of the decadent butter chicken dish found in Northern Indian restaurants).

Sauce: Jungle Kitchen-Jungle Fire hot sauce is an explosion of flavour made with Cobra Chilli (Nai Miris) a spicy tropical chili. A complex, sweet yet spicy, and intoxicating hot sauce that compliments everything from chips to cocktails.

Jungle Kitchen’s range has been feature released at FHA Food & Beverage 2023, taking place at Singapore Expo right now until the 28th of April (stand 3A2-09).




Amazing product.



Yes I agree to the taste it's so unique and the sauce wow so good for lovers who loves Chilli hmmm. best wishes to the Company.



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