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Star Trek Innovation Is Here So Will Every Household Have A Steakmaker ?

Imagine a future where you can print a juicy steak in your kitchen, just like the iconic replicators on the Starship Enterprise.

While it may sound like science fiction, Steakholder Foods is bringing us closer to this vision with their groundbreaking technology.

Steakholder Foods 3D Bio Printing technology

Source: Steakholder Foods

Israeli based, Steakholder Foods , a pioneer in 3D bio-printing, has unveiled its proprietary Light CAD Editor, a game-changer in the world of 3D food printing.

This innovative software offers an intuitive interface, specifically designed to work seamlessly with Steakholder Foods’ fusion bio-printers outputting printed steaks.

Printed steak

Source: Steakholder Foods

It enables users to create, test, and optimize 3D models and fibrous textures, eliminating the need for third-party software or extensive CAD training.

The Light CAD Editor is a game-changer for Steakholder Foods’ fusion printers, known for their ability to create highly sophisticated, textured food products. With this software, clients can now fine-tune their products on-site, ensuring they meet industry standards and exceed consumer expectations.

Steakholder Foods has been at the forefront of mimicking the texture, taste, and appearance of traditional meat and fish.

The introduction of the Light CAD Editor takes their capabilities to new heights, allowing users to produce customized structures with textures that closely resemble natural fibrous structures.

Source: Steakholder Foods

Itamar Atzmony, Steakholder Foods, Chief Engineering Officer at , says customisation in 3D-printed meat products is the future.

'Our clients need the tools to optimize their offerings, and that’s what we’re offering - a comprehensive solution. As we move closer to commercial-scale production, this software will become an invaluable asset in creating products that truly meet consumer demands', says Itamar Atzmony.

While the idea of having a “steak printer” in every home is still on the horizon, Steakholder Foods’ Light CAD Editor is undoubtedly a leap towards making this vision a reality. With the power of 3D bio-printing, the future of food may be closer than we think, seriously blurring the lines between fact and science fiction.

Starship Replicator settings

  1. Fillet Mignon

  2. Porterhouse

  3. Rump

  4. Scotchfillet

  5. Rolled Roast ( this setting is currently not available)

Starship Replicator device

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