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Dem Bones, Dem Juicy Marbles Edible Bones Sparks A Tasty Debate

Innovation has a way of turning heads and stirring up conversations, and Juicy Marbles, the US-based 'whole-cuts plant-based innovator', has done just that with its latest creation – plant-based ribs complete with edible bones.

While the concept has garnered both praise and skepticism, it's clear the company's novel approach to meat alternatives has sparked a passionate debate

Juicy Marbles Plant- Based Ribs

Source: Juicy Marbles Plant-based Ribs, complete with soy bone.

The concept of "edible bones" has become a focal point of the discussion especially amongst the vegan community via Juicy Marbles Insta page.

A self-proclaimed social activist shared their sentiment: "Vegans don't miss the 'primal joy' of gnawing on animal bones. I've never been so turned off by a marketing campaign." This perspective echoes the concern that replicating the experience of consuming animal bones might be off-putting for vegans who emphasise compassion and ethics.

However, detractors argue focusing solely on a vegan-centric viewpoint overlooks the broader goal of improving the food system.

Another 'social' pointed out, "If we are truly interested in bettering the food system, we must accept that not everyone wants to be vegan. Not everyone cuts down on meat for the same reasons." This underscores the notion embracing a variety of motivations – be it environmental, health-related, or animal welfare – can collectively contribute to positive change.

Juicy Marbles themselves shed light on their decision-making process regarding the inclusion of edible bones. Addressing the question of "why bones that you can eat," the company stated,

"Without bones, it's just a pile of meat. Bones invite the usage of hands. Bones divide the rack into portions, and let's not forget... the name 'ribs' stems from bones, so…" This perspective suggests the bones are not only about replicating the physical experience but also about enhancing the culinary and visual aspects of the product.

Juicy Marbles Plant- Based Ribs

Source: Juicy Marbles Plant-based Ribs, complete with soy bone.

The company's experimentation with spices and the obvious fun they had in the lab kitchen process further underscores their vision. The feedback from Juicy Marbles Insta page has also been a mixed bag.

A follower with the handle @goodveganeatery highlighted how the edible bones set Juicy Marbles apart and make the product appealing even to non-vegans. On the other hand, @lalalyddon expressed excitement about having something to gnaw on, indicating the product's appeal extends beyond vegan preferences and back into primordial instincts.

Source: Juicy Marbles Plant-Based Insta Pages

Yet another comment from @jennyrich78 resonates with the sentiment these innovations facilitate sharing food with non-vegan friends and broadening the range of dining experiences. And from @thisispedrohomero,a pragmatic perspective emerges: "No sentient beings were harmed in creating these ribs... If someone gets icky about the 'bones' or 'it looks too much like meat, I don't like it,' move along and choose something else."

In a culinary landscape where dietary preferences are quite diverse, @cityrunnergirlmartina applauds the endeavor for offering variety in the kitchen. "I like to reduce my meat consumption & with good alternatives I still have the different structures in a meal," they remarked, showcasing the potential impact of such innovations.

In the end, Juicy Marbles' plant-based ribs with edible bones have ignited a debate that speaks to the complexity of food choices, motivations, and perceptions. As the conversation continues, it's evident innovation in the food industry has the power to both challenge and unite a diverse array of perspectives.

Whether one finds joy in gnawing on soy bones or revels in the culinary adventure, the discussion around edible bones is carving its own place in the realm of modern food innovation.

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