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Chunk Foods Wins Plant Based Meat Product of the Year in AgTech Breakthrough Awards

In a notable recognition of innovation in the agricultural and food technology sectors, Chunk Foods, a pioneering brand specialising in plant-based products, has secured the title of "Plant Based Meat Product of the Year" at the 4th annual AgTech Breakthrough Awards.

AgTech Breakthrough, a prominent market intelligence organisation dedicated to acknowledging exceptional achievements in global agricultural and food technologies, administers this internationally recognised awards program.

Chunk Foods cubes

Source: Chunk Meats

Israeli based, Chunk Foods, driven by a mission to provide accessible and delectable plant-based options, clinched the award for their delectable and nutritious whole cuts. The brand distinguishes itself with a simple ingredients list, devoid of preservatives, thickeners, or binders.

By addressing the challenges faced by the animal agricultural industry, Chunk's innovative technology presents a promising solution, offering benefits such as scalability, controlled product properties, and conservation of resources.

With more than 1,750 nominations submitted worldwide, Chunk Foods emerged as a standout in the Food Replacement Tech category, further underscoring its impact.

Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of AgTech Breakthrough, praised Chunk Foods' proprietary solid-state fermentation process for its ability to create a superior product while conserving resources.

Chunk Foods montage

Source: Chunk Foods

The recognition aligns with Chunk's recent accomplishment of securing $15 million in seed funding, the largest ever for an Israeli plant-based company, to establish a significant plant-based whole cuts production facility.

This milestone comes as Chunk Foods garners attention for its debut as the first plant-based steak served in traditional steakhouse chains, demonstrating its capacity to challenge conventions in the food industry.

With ambitions to revolutionise protein consumption and push sustainability, Chunk Foods is carving a distinctive path towards a more environmentally conscious and health-oriented future.

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