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Sri Lankan Silk Route Ventures Unveils A Prototype Greenhouse To Meet Food Security Concerns

Once again another development from this 'hyper-progressive' Sri Lankan natural food company, Silk Route Ventures.

This is not the first time we have reported on passion powered innovation emanating from the hill centre of Matale, 140-kilometres from the capital Colombo. Our first report on this award winning company was a few weeks ago when it released its 'Plant Based' range of naturally crafted mushroom based 'meat' products.

Sahan Bakmiwewa

Now the company guided by Visionary Founder and CEO Sahan Bakmiwewa (left), is responding to the very real notion of food shortages occurring in the Indian Ocean island state as it unveils a prototype greenhouse to meet food security concerns.

'First and foremost, this 1000 m2 structure allows us to test the feasibility of commercial crop cultivation within a controlled environment. By managing a model of this scale, we can gain valuable insights into the potential productivity and profitability of large-scale greenhouse farming. This greenhouse also serves as a proof-of-concept for prospective investors. By demonstrating successful cultivation practices and high crop yields within the structure we can provide solid evidence of our business's potential for growth and profitability', says Sahan Bakmiwewa.

Silk Route Ventures greenhouse

Source: Silk Route Ventures

Sahan Bakmiwewa adds, the use of advanced technologies for plantation management further illustrates an innovative approach and commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Ultimately, the goal is to use the model as a stepping stone toward larger, more ambitious projects, potentially scaling up to larger greenhouses or multiple sites across different locations.

Silk Route Ventures green closeup

Source: Silk Route Ventures

The first plantings include Capsicum, Bell Pepper and salad Cucumber initially for the Sri Lankan local market and tended to by four new full-time specially trained 'Garden Technicians'.

Not content with growing greens and reds Sahan Bakmiwewa says his company's oyster mushroom house prototype has also been highly successful.

Oyster mushrooms

'We understand the process now and have gained experience and valuable insights into the mycelium management process with the intention of passing this knowledge and know-how onto an out-grower farmer base who will grow and supply in larger quantities for our new Plant Based branded mushroom meat products'.

At every stage of its development Silk Route Ventures applies its proprietary developed 'Silk Social' index which accurately gauges the immediate benefits to Sri Lankan farmers who supply processing raw materials.

Next stage is to scale out the Greenhouse projects through raising external investment and offer high value commercial crops both to the local & international market.

'This significant investment underscores our dedication to providing our customers with the freshest, highest-quality produce while minimising our ecological footprint. By leveraging the latest advancements in greenhouse technology, we have created an optimal environment for crops to thrive, ensuring consistent yields and minimising resource consumption', says Sahan Bakmiwewa Silk Route Ventures goal is to attract investment funding from those who have mutual awareness of the need for future food security, sustainability and social responsibility. More information CLICK HERE.



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