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The $10,000 Plate Of Mushrooms On Toast

Just incase you missed this. Cairns, Australia cafe, Guyala recently picked up top prize for Australia's Best Mushrooms On Toast presentation.

The competition with $10,000 prize money attached was run by Australian Mushrooms, the very vigorous marketing arm of that country's mushroom industry group.

Source: Guyala

While serving traditional and indigenous based food fare, this popular Far North Queensland cafe also offers plant-based options.

“The key ingredient to the Truffle Mushrooms dish is the cashew-based mushroom truffle pâté we make", says Guyala Café owner and competition winner Oliver James.

“We build the dish by layering sourdough with our mushroom truffle pâté, the cooked Australian Mushrooms – plus goat’s chèvre and pickled red onion, finishing with dried rose petals, flaked salt and pepper and olive oil direct from the Grampians Olive Co. farm.

You can request a change to the goats cheese for a delicious coconut feta alternative something, best suiting your plant-based needs, says the Cafe which proudly boasts more than 3000 followers, both local and interstate. ***

“It’s amazing to see how people are able to utilise our local produce to create such delicious, inspiring dishes. Especially when we are so lucky to have so much available to us, on our doorsteps. We want to thank the judges for helping decide the worthy winner and being involved in the process.” says Australian Mushrooms spokesperson Leah Bramich

The judges, comprising eight industry experts, added: “The winning dish is well balanced in terms of flavours and Australian Mushrooms are the number one hero ingredient. Using produce from local suppliers, the Guyala Café did an excellent job of representing a hero dish for the menu and will keep customers coming back to the café to enjoy this mushroom dish as often as they like, a real winner for the café.”

Another example of how sourcing locally grown produce keeps menu elements nice and fresh.

Source: Guyala

"Guyala Café is a first-of-its-kind fully accessible community centre for the not-for-profit Spinal Life Australia which helps bridge the broader community and the Spinal Life facility. The café delivers a thoughtful menu, utilising local and indigenous ingredients, all the while with an international influence"

You can find the Guyala Café at 2 Smith St, Cairns North QLD 4870. If you feel inspired by the recipe, you can see more at the Australian Mushrooms website or visit its Facebook or Instagram for great mushroom food images and recipe links.

***Editors Note: This from Guyala via social media: "We have a seperate plant-based menu, it's pretty extensive! The Truffle Mushrooms (pictured at the top) can be served vegan with PB cheese. Other popular options include our Tropical Avo Toast which comes PB as standard and our Truffle & Tofu Toastie which can come with PB cheese".



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