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Plan*t Chorizo Supreme Snag Champ In 2023 NZ Vegan Sausage Awards

NZ #Vegan Sausage Awards celebrates its fifth year with expanded categories and yet again a victorious win for Plan*t sausages.

plan*t sausage

Source: Plan*t Plant-based sausage

The NZ #Vegan Sausage Awards showcase the evolution of plant-based meats this year with an expanded range of categories. Judging criteria encompassed texture, appearance, taste, flavour/aroma, and pastry, assessing not only sausage rolls and hotdogs but also unveiling the best in vegan pastrami and other deli meats.

Midst the new additions, the traditional categories remained at the heart of the event. The Best Banger, Best Breakfast, Best Hot Dog, Best Speciality, and Best Sausage Roll categories captured judges taste buds.

It was Plan*t Chorizo Supreme Snag which took out over-all honours, Sustainable Foods Limited, Plan*t sausages emerging triumphant for the second year in a row, solidifying their dominance in the industry. Plan*t claimed Supreme Champion Snag last year with their sage and onion sausage.

plant*t spicy chorizo sausage

Source: Plan*t Spicy Chorizo

The NZ #Vegan Sausage Awards serves as a platform to celebrate the remarkable advancements in the vegan food landscape, encouraging manufacturers to push the boundaries of taste and quality.

As the vegan movement gains momentum globally, events like the NZ #Vegan Sausage Awards continue to propel the innovation and recognition of exceptional plant-based products.

And the category winners are:


Judges comment: The texture is springy and moist. A good herby flavour. Good size and glistening appearance.

RUNNER UP Plan*t- Spicy Chorizo

Judges comment: Delicious with good flavour and texture.Taste is a little too strong for a breakfast sausage


Judges comment: Flavour good and balanced with a great peppery kick. Good mouth feel and texture.

RUNNER UP Plan*t- Spicy Chorizo

Judges comment: Feels like a chorizo because of the texture. Good flavour with a strong after-taste.


Judges comment: Good salty flavour and chewy texture. A lovely glossy appearance.

RUNNER UP Vegie Delights- Hot Dog

Judges comment: Good balanced flavour. A neutral flavour – which is great for a hotdog to take on the sauces.


Judges comment: Pastry and sausage have great texture. They are cohesive and well balanced.

RUNNER UP Baker’s Son ‘Dad’s Pie’ - Vegan Sausage Roll

Judges comment: Good pastry and flavour.


Judges comment: Great chewy texture. True to its name. Good spice levels and strong flavour.

RUNNER UP Omahu Rd Deli- Kawakawa

Judges comment: Packs a punch for taste. Points for using NZ ingredient and points for newness.


Judges comment: Real meaty and well balanced. Satisfying and flavoursome. Closest to chorizo texture.

RUNNER UP Vegetarian Butcher- Chorizo

Judges comment: Good pleasant flavour.


Judges comment: Beautiful colour. Great coating and nice texture.

RUNNER UP Vegetarian Butcher- Pastrami

Judges comment: Nice peppery taste and unique flavour.

Omahu Road Deli pastrami

Source: Omahu Rd - NY Style Pastrami


Judges comment: Great flavour and texture. Well-balanced with good length of flavour.

RUNNER UP Plan*t- Chick*n

Judges comment: Taste and texture are good. Innovative. Great meat substitute.

The New Zealand Vegan Society Awards work to reflect the variety and choice available in the plant-based world.

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