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Roquette Expands Plant Protein Portfolio with Innovative Pea & Fava Bean Proteins

French ingredients company Roquette has announced significant expansion to its plant protein range, introducing innovative pea and fava bean proteins across Asia-Pacific. These new ingredients are designed to enhance taste, texture, and functionality, addressing the increasing demand for high-quality, sensory-satisfying plant-based foods.

Source: Roquette Fava Beans also known as Broad Beans

The latest addition to the NUTRALYS® lineup includes NUTRALYS® Fava S900M, a fava bean protein isolate that excels in meat substitutes, dairy alternatives, and baked foods. This ingredient boasts a high protein concentration allowing for lower usage ratios while offering high gel strength, viscosity control, and stability.

"Part of the pulse family, fava beans have long been valued for their properties in textured applications,” says Romain Joly, Global Head of Proteins Business Line at Roquette. “But in recent years, the focus has shifted to its ability to deliver high protein levels and leverage sensory attributes. Through extensive research and development, we have been able to unlock the immense potential of fava beans in protein fortification.”

Roquette’s commitment to innovation is further evident in the development of four advanced pea proteins, including NUTRALYS® Pea F853M. This pea protein isolate improves firmness and thickness, ideal for creating meat alternatives and plant-based spreads.

“Through significant investment and development, we’ve found the winning formula for optimal taste, texture, and techno-functionality, opening up a world of opportunity for application innovation in the plant protein market,” says Romain Joly.

Source: Roquette Dried Yellow Peas

Eliza Tsun, Sales Manager for Plant Proteins in Greater Asia, emphasised the company's ongoing efforts to enhance the functionalities of their proteins portfolio. "Roquette is constantly innovating within our proteins portfolio, enhancing functionalities to empower our customers in advancing and expanding their plant-based protein products. This includes optimising taste and texture for superior quality,” says Eliza Tsun.

Roquette - Textured Vegetable Pea Protein Burger Patties

Source: Roquette - Textured Vegetable Pea Protein Burger Patties

Benjamin Voiry, Global Head of Marketing Plant Proteins at Roquette, highlighted the strategic importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the plant protein market's growth. "With the world’s largest pea protein plant in Canada and ongoing investments across the value chain, we are well-positioned to meet Asia-Pacific’s growing appetite for sustainable and tasty plant-based options,” says Benjamin Voiry.

These developments not only enhance Roquette’s ingredient offerings but also support global brands by providing innovative, reliable, and trustworthy solutions designed to meet evolving consumer expectations for health and 'Earth-Friendly' food products.

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