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ProVeg Chinese Report Bodes Well for Smaller Plant-Based Startups & Manufacturers

A worldwide surge in interest in plant-based eating has prompted much research about the adoption and acceptance of such diets among populations in different countries.

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A new report by ProVeg International has found that 98% of Chinese consumers will choose a higher volume of plant-based foods once they are informed of the benefits, particularly in relation to health and plant-based lifestyles. The report focuses on the Chinese consumer market and explores their attitudes towards and awareness of plant-based foods, aiming to provide useful insights for stakeholders in the plant-based food industry.

The report, titled “China and Plant-based Food: Attitudes and Opportunities,” is based on a survey of 1,000 consumers living in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Conducted in April and May 2024, the research took into account the demographics of the sample group, including gender (60% were female), age, and income.

The study specifically targeted individuals who do not strongly reject plant-based food and the diet decision-makers in households.

201393593 | Food © Tirachard Kumtanom | GenZ Chinese eating meal

Source: 201393593 | Food © Tirachard Kumtanom | GenZ Chinese eating meal

The findings include a matrix showing which benefits of plant-based eating people most agree with, alongside the benefits that would most persuade them to change their diet. “We found that most people are concerned that they eat healthy food and that once they know just how healthy and climate-friendly plant-based food is, they will eat a lot more of it,” says Shirley Lu, Managing Director and Asia & China Representative at ProVeg.

“The report will serve as a useful reference for food manufacturers to support educational marketing of plant-based foods in China. There is clearly huge potential for growth and our research will help companies tap into that.”

158033788 | Food © Galina Zhigalova  Chinese plant-based meal

Source: 158033788 | Food © Galina Zhigalova  Chinese plant-based meal

Participants were given 15 benefit statements on plant-based foods, based on extensive scientific research, and were asked to “agree” or “disagree” with the statements, identifying which would most effectively persuade them to eat more plant-based food.

After hearing all 15 statements and being shown scientific sources, 98% of respondents were either “strongly willing” or “willing” to add more plant-based food to their diet.

“By highlighting the health, environmental, and culinary advantages, we can collectively work toward transforming our food system to one that is beneficial for humans, plants, and animals alike," says Shirley Lu.

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