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Pork In Beans? USDA Approves Moolec's Protein-Packed Soybeans

With South American origins, Luxembourg-based Moolec Science has achieved a molecular milestone with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) giving the green light to their genetically engineered soybeans containing pork cells and dubbed Piggy Sooy.

PFN Ai cartoon depiction of pork in a bean

Source: PFN Ai cartoon depiction of pork in a bean

This novel soybean variety is designed to produce animal meat proteins, specifically porcine (pig) myoglobin, a major breakthrough in the integration of animal and plant biology.

Source: Moolec Science slider -Normal soya beans left & porcine cell beans right

The USDA-APHIS has concluded Piggy Sooy poses no greater plant pest risk than traditional non-engineered soybeans. Consequently, it falls outside the stringent regulations typically governing genetically modified organisms. This approval not only confirms the safety and viability of Moolec's approach but also sets a significant precedent for the future of food technology.

The implications for consumers and the food industry at large could be vast. Gastón Paladini, CEO and co-founder of Moolec Science, says this cellular innovation is aimed at tackling global challenges of climate change and food security, while simultaneously offering substantial benefits to the planet.

However, consumer response remains a pivotal factor. The integration of animal proteins into plant-based sources could prompt a range of reactions, from curiosity and acceptance among environmentally conscious consumers to skepticism or ethical concerns from others. The success of Piggy Sooy will heavily depend on public education and transparency regarding the benefits and safety of such products.

As Moolec moves forward, they continue to engage with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that Piggy Sooy meets all necessary health and safety standards before hitting the market. With a robust patent in place and high levels of protein expression achieved in their soybean seeds, Moolec is not just paving the way for a new product but potentially transforming the food industry at large.

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