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From Lupin to 'White Fish' as Eighth Day Foods 43% Protein Innovation Aims to Hook Investors

Eighth Day Foods, a start-up based in Melbourne, is seeking investors to expand its patented rapid solid-state fermentation technology designed to significantly reshape the global plant-based protein market with a 'white fish' product. Their innovative approach has the potential to utilise a wide variety of pulses and seeds, providing a sustainable, clean, and nutritious alternative to animal proteins and solving long-standing challenges faced by other manufacturers in the field.

Roger and Jen Drew

For more than five years, founders Roger and Jen Drew (pictured left) have dedicated themselves to research and development, leading to the creation of Lupreme, a high-quality protein derived from Australian-grown lupin.

Lupreme has minimal environmental impact, from its carbon-neutral production process to its nearly waste-free transformation from lupin into a nutritious protein source containing as much as 43% pure plant-protein.

Fermented Lupins

Source: Eighth Days Foods - Fermented Lupins

Eighth Day Foods stands head and shoulders in the crowded plant-based protein sector by using the whole seed in its fermentation process, unlike others that extract protein through more costly and environmentally taxing methods. This approach not only preserves the nutritional integrity of the pulse or seed but also offers a more affordable product, avoiding the high costs associated with protein extraction and the environmental drawbacks of importing non-native crops like soy.

The company's latest innovation addresses the challenge of creating a sustainable and affordable alternative to whitefish. By using their proprietary technology on a range of pulses and seeds, Eighth Day Foods has developed a plant-based fish protein rivaling the cleanliness, nutrition, and scalability of its aquatic counterpart, without the need for complex processing or additives.

Eighth Day Foods' achievements extend beyond product innovation; they reflect a broader commitment to sustainability and health, says Roger Drew. " We are driven by a vision of a food industry contributing positively to the planet and human well-being, without engaging in the divisive debates often surrounding plant-based versus animal proteins"

Eighth Day Foods - Slides - Culinary applications of Lupin 'White Fish' product

As the global population approaches 10 billion by 2050, the demand for protein-rich foods is expected to soar, putting unprecedented pressure on our food systems. Eighth Day Foods aims to address this looming crisis with its sustainable, efficient, and consumer-friendly protein alternatives.

The company's technology, Rapid Solid-State Fermentation, providing a natural translucent mycelium bound product, represents a significant departure from conventional protein production methods, offering a clean, affordable, and tasty solution to global protein needs. With a product oozing simplicity, affordability, and a small environmental footprint, Eighth Day Foods is not just offering another protein option, it is really redefining the future of food.

Roger and Jen Drew are now calling on investors to join them in this journey of innovation and sustainability. With a proven track record of success and a clear vision for the future, Eighth Day Foods is charged and ready to transform the global protein market.

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