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AQUA's Fish-Free Feast Makes Waves in Chicago

Forget the ocean's catch, AQUA Cultured Foods is serving up a revolution in its own right, and Chicago foodies are the first to savour its products.

At the windy city's famous, Bambola Chicago, Chef Marcos Campos prepared a dazzling

Aqua Bambola Menu

seven-course culinary event showcasing AQUA's breakthrough: fish-free seafood that even the staunchest seafood purists are clamoring to try.

The event marked the first public tasting of AQUA's meticulously crafted menu items, including fish-free tuna, scallops, and minced shrimp, all derived from a unique fermentation process similar to that used in brewing beer or making cheese. The result? A seafood experience devoid of cholesterol, saturated fats, and any guilt associated with environmental harm.

Chef Campos' menu teased guests with inventive dishes (menu shown left) like Tuna Tostada with sea lettuce and Sesame Cucumbers, and Smoked Scallops accompanied by Beet Hollandaise. Every dish not only mirrored traditional seafood in look and texture but was praised for its nutritional enhancements, including added fibre and absence of any allergens or microplastics.

Source: Image Slide : Aqua & Bambola Chicago - Tuna Tostada Nikkei Style, Sesame Cucumbers, Sea Lettuce, Scallops Crudo -Razor Clam Salpicon, Dill Oil, Crispy Rice , Dumplings Seasoned Minced Shrimp, Smoked Shakshuka, Parmesan XO Sauce, Tuna Tiradito Coconut Leche de Tigre, Avocado Mousse, Pickled Kumquat, Smoked Scallops Beet Hollandaise, Red Pepper Piperade, Chervil, Shrimp Gnocchi Seaweed & Pistachio Pesto, Goat Cheese, Aleppo Pepper Oil and Mango Sorbet Fermented Media Honey, Espelette Pepper

Laurent Manrique, French restaurateur and Michelin-Starred Chef, expressed his awe at the Aqua products. "When I first learned about AQUA, I was incredibly intrigued. After my first try, I was beyond impressed with the look, texture, and moisture. I sent pictures to a few chefs who were also in disbelief."

AQUA's offerings promise a sustainable future for seafood lovers, with products not only better for health but also for the planet. As AQUA plans to expand beyond Chicago, their mission resonates deeply, a seafood revolution that doesn't sacrifice taste for ethics.

From the depths of fermentation vats, AQUA is not just cultivating protein, they're cultivating a new hope for our oceans and plates alike.

Once bitten, forever smitten indeed- Aqua

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