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Plant Based World Expo Europe -Like Nothing You Have Seen Before!

Get ready to witness the future of food and beverage at the highly anticipated Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023, where the possibilities for plant-based products have expanded beyond imagination.

Breaking free from the conventional norms, this event, described as 'beyond unique' is set to take place on November 15th – 16th at a new venue - ExCeL London, now easily accessible by the new Elizabeth Line.

Excel London wide shot

Source: Excel London

Organisers are thrilled to announce this year's expo will not only be crammed with innovation but will also be the biggest yet, featuring an impressive lineup of more than 275 exhibitors showcasing the latest and most cutting-edge plant-based offerings.

Plant-based this way !

Source: Plant Based Expo Europe

'A unique opportunity awaits all trade professionals in the food and beverage industry to explore a diverse range of products and solutions defying traditions and pushing the boundaries of the culinary world', say event organisers.

Among the exhibitors, include:

unMEAT, the brand of plant-based meat alternatives that masterfully craft their products from non-GMO soy, delivering a texture, taste, and appearance akin to real meat.

unMeat Chicken Burger

Source: unMeat - Plant-based Chicken Burger - sample at the expo!

Healthy Leaf, catering to today's fast-paced lifestyle, offers natural and convenient snacking options for the on-the-go consumer.

Healthy Leaf Protein Powder

Source: Healthy Leaf Plant-based protein powder

ISAUKI Foods challenge the notion of sustainable seafood by presenting a tantalising range of alternatives derived from micro and macro algae, promising high nutritional value.

Isauki plant-based prawns

Source: Isauki Plant-based Prawns - taste them at the expo!

The innovation doesn't stop with food products alone. Enterpack LTD will showcase their efficient and effective packaging solutions, ensuring the preservation of product quality from factory to fork for businesses of all sizes.

The expo's organisers are excited about the engaging conference sessions open to all attendees, offering valuable insights into the plant-based industry's latest trends and developments. Attendees will have the chance to participate in key conversations about the industry, fostering connections and collaboration for a sustainable and compassionate future.

Source: Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023

The Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 promises to be a platform of growth, discovery, and transformation for the entire food and beverage sector. From plant-based products and ample sampling to innovative packaging solutions, the expo caters to businesses and entrepreneurs, looking to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable, and plant-based world.

Registration is free for trade professionals, so don't miss this opportunity to participate in the plant-based revolution firsthand.

Register now by CLICKING HERE and be a part of this culinary revolution. Use the hashtag #pbwe23 and share the journey towards a more compassionate and delicious plant-based world!

For more information CLICK HERE.



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