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TiNDLE's Plant-Based Patty Stumps Foodies, When Getting It Wrong Is Great.

TiNDLE, a leading proponent of plant-based food alternatives, recently unveiled their TrueCut patty, demonstrating a significant leap in the realm of sustainable cuisine.

In a comparison challenge titled "Can You Spot the Difference", the majority of participants found themselves puzzled, as an overwhelming 63% incorrectly identified TiNDLE's TrueCut patty among a selection of four patties, including those from popular fast-food chains.

TiNDLE ‘S True Cut plant-based chicken

Source: TiNDLE

The TrueCut technology crafted by TiNDLE delivers a remarkable plant-based chicken experience, capturing the authentic chew and savory umami flavor reminiscent of chicken breast.

This accomplishment showcases the strides made in the world of plant-based innovation, resonating with consumers and challenging traditional notions of meat-based meals.

VP Global Brand & Crestive, Borna Bayat says he recieved a flood of responses to the question 'Which is which?'

'TiNDLE's TrueCut patty emerged victorious in the reveal, positioned confidently as patty number 3 in the middle. We couldn't be happier that so many guessed wrong', said Borna Bayat.

The deceptive nature of the challenge left even the most discerning food critics impressed, highlighting the compelling likeness between TiNDLE's plant-based creation and its 'old world ' cousin.

Source: TiNDLE

The outcome of the challenge signifies a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more sustainable future, where plant-based alternatives continue to gain prominence.

As consumers increasingly embrace healthier and ethical food choices, TiNDLE's TrueCut patty emerges as a promising option, exemplifying the positive impact of plant-based innovation in creating a greener and more conscious food culture.

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