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Biffs Jackfruit Burgers & Wings Blasts Into Sainsburys

A dedicated and hardworking small team, is behind the nationwide retail launch of Biffs Jackfruit 2.0 recipe Burgers and Wings.

Biffs Burger Cutlets

Source: Biffs Kitchen - Jackfruit Burger Cutlets

Officially hitting the shelves at Sainsburys after an intensive six-month journey of reformulation, optimisation, and packaging redesign, the outcome says Biffs is an even more delicious and planet-friendly product. The relaunch also sees a third knocked off the shelf price for the jackfruit burgers and wings with both available in the freezer cabinet.

Biffs Chicken Wings

Source: Biffs Kitchen - Jackfruit Chicken Wings

'Our mission with Jackfruit 2.0 was threefold: to further reduce our environmental footprint, make our products more accessible without compromising on quality, and showcasing taste and flavour,' says Biffs.

'Packed full of whole plant ingredients, the burgers and wings are free from artificial colors, flavours, and methylcellulose. Additionally, they proudly steer clear of Palm Oil and GMO ingredients while boasting reduced salt content.

“Our team worked tirelessly to perfect the recipe and bring our vision to life,' says Biffs.

'With Jackfruit 2.0, we wanted to create a plant-based option that’s not only delicious but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability.'

Embracing their vegan roots, the Jackfruit 2.0 products cater to meat eaters, vegans and flexitarians alike, providing exceptional value without compromising taste or quality.

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