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Now its KOKUMI Enhancing Flavour & Health in Modern Cuisine

Kokumi, a flavour sensation identified by Japanese researchers in 1989, is rapidly gaining attention in the food manufacturing industry for its ability to enrich flavour profiles without altering the core taste. Defined by its ability to add depth and fullness to dishes, kokumi is enhancing everything from sauces and broths to plant-based meat products and dairy products​.

Flavoursome tofu and vegetable soup

Source: 232636768 © Ludmilanaumova1985 Flavoursome tofu and vegetable soup

Kokumi works by amplifying the existing tastes of umami, sweet, and salty, making it an invaluable tool for food developers seeking to create more complex and satisfying flavours. Its application is proving particularly useful in health-focused food innovations, where it enhances flavour without the need for excessive salt or sugar, thus supporting healthier dietary choices​

Beyond just enhancing flavour, Kokumi compounds like γ-glutamyl-valyl-glycine, found naturally in foods such as fish sauce and soy sauce, offer a new dimension of mouthfulness crucial for products targeting older consumers or those with diminished taste sensitivity​

Plant-based spicy and flavourful salami

Source: 260913642 © Olga Mazyarkina - Plant-based spicy and flavourful salami

In the commercial realm, Kokumi's potential is being harnessed to develop products appealing to the evolving consumer palate which favors rich, yet balanced taste experiences. Companies like Kerry and Biospringer are at the forefront, exploring how Kokumi can be integrated into both savoury and sweet applications, thus redefining culinary boundaries.​ 

This emerging flavour profile not only represents a significant opportunity for innovation but also aligns with the growing consumer demand for clean label products delivering enhanced sensory experiences without compromising on health. Indeed Kokumi is a new toolkit for flavour enhancement that could well define the next generation of global cuisine. Watch this space!

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