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New Study Highlights Vegan Diet Benefits Amidst UK Media Criticism

The just-released study from the UK Biobank and academics, titled "Implications of food ultra-processing on cardiovascular risk considering plant origin foods" shows significant health and environmental benefits of a plant-based vegan diet, countering focused and negative UK media headlines.  

The Telegraph headline

So too ultra-processed non-vegan or plant-based food when eaten in excess and often. But rather focus on the overarching benefits The Telegraph UK, amongst several, chose to focus on the negative.

The study was first published in the respected medical journal The Lancet and  also appeared in

The scientifically backed research reveals well-planned vegan diets can reduce risks of heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes, thanks to nutrient-rich plant-based foods. Additionally, vegan diets boast a lower carbon footprint, supporting a 'Earth Friendly' ethos..

Girl eating vegan burger and drinking hreen smoothie

Source: Photo 174054745 | © Frantic00 Young woman holding delicious organic vegan burger and a green smoothie at a vegan fastfood outlet

Despite media focus on processed vegan foods, the study advocates for balanced veganism, emphasising whole foods for optimal health and ecological impact.

The research emphasises, while some vegan foods can be processed or ultra-processed, they generally provide significant health benefits compared to conventional meat-based diets. Notably, the study highlights vegan diets, when well-planned, are associated with lower risks of heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

The nutrient-rich profile of plant-based foods, which are high in fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants, plays a crucial role in these positive health outcomes.

Source: Dreamstime various & PFN

It's important to recognise all dietary patterns, including vegan and omnivorous diets, can include less healthy, highly processed options. However, the study advocates for a balanced approach to veganism, focusing on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, which offer substantial health benefits.

The UK media reports overlook these critical aspects, instead focusing on the potential downsides. It is crucial to maintain a balanced perspective, understanding a well-balanced vegan diet can offer numerous health benefits and support environmental sustainability, contrary to the negative portrayal seen in some media outlets.

Key findings of the study:

7% Lower CVD Risk: Every 10% increase in consumption of non-ultra-processed plant-sourced foods is linked to a 7% lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

5% Higher CVD Risk: Conversely, a 10% increase in ultra-processed plant-sourced foods correlates with a 5% higher risk of CVD.

Mortality Impact: Plant-sourced non-UPF consumption is associated with a 13% lower risk of CVD mortality, while plant-sourced UPF consumption is linked to a 12% higher mortality risk

Download the full scientifically based report direct from Lancet by CLICKING HERE.






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