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Nestlé Takes a Dive into the Plant-Based Seafood Arena With A New Wave of Fish Alternatives

Nestlé, the global powerhouse in the food and beverage industry, has unveiled a range of plant-based fish alternatives.

The new lineup, comprising fish fillets, sticks, and nuggets, is all set to capture the hearts of consumers with its taste, texture, and strong nutritional profile and all without the fish.

Nestle plant-based fish

Source: Nestlé

As the world steadily pivots towards sustainable and ethical food choices, Nestlé’s innovative plant-based seafood options arrive just in time.

Torsten Pohl, the Global Head of R&D for Nestlé's food category, is very enthusiastic about the potential success of the new 'fishy business' lineup.

'The products have an uncanny resemblance to white fish in terms of taste and texture, and backed by consumer testing as well, strong nutritional credentials', says Torsten Pohl.

Source: Nestlé

Leveraging its vast global distribution network, Nestlé’s is poised to make these fishy vegan delights available at a supermarket near you.

In Europe, under the Garden Gourmet brand, consumers can look forward to savoring the marine-style crispy fillets and nuggets, crafted from wheat and pea protein.

Simultaneously, in Asia, the Harvest Gourmet brand is already sold in Malaysia and Singapore with crispy, herb-infused fish-free fingers—a soy and wheat concoction that’s a rich source of protein and fibre.

Source: Nestlé

Massimo Zucchero, Global Category Lead for plant-based meals at Nestlé, highlighted the dual benefits of these products. 'The product has not only a tantalising taste but importantly a step towards safeguarding our oceans' biodiversity and addressing overfishing', says Massimo Zucchero.

These products join the ranks of Nestlé’s existing plant-based portfolio, including the Garden Gourmet Vuna, a tuna fish alternative available since 2020.

With a commitment to balanced and sustainable diets, Nestlé is setting a new standard in the food industry, marrying taste, nutrition, and sustainability in an exciting seafood adventure. So, keep your eyes peeled and your shopping carts ready; Nestlé’s plant-based seafood is about to make a splash in a supermarket near you!

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