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Heura Foods Confronts ‘Old World’ Charcuterie with Plant-Based New York Style Ham

What Spain's Heura Foods will do to promote its new New York style ham. Rather audacious, but the company set up a pop-up shop right opposite a long-established 'old world' charcuterie selling animal products.

The response was nothing short of remarkable, says Heura.

Heura Foods pop-up in Spain

Source: Heura Foods

Dozens of enthusiastic Good Rebels, as Heura likes to call its customers, flocked to the pop-up, eager to sample and learn more about its New York style deli-ham. The contrast between the two shops couldn’t have be starker, while Heura's pop-up was bustling with activity, the traditional charcuterie shop saw little to no foot traffic.

One of the most striking aspects of this launch was the community’s reaction. Many were amazed at the taste and quality of Heura’s plant-based ham, with reactions ranging from disbelief to sheer delight.

The most common responses were praise for the ability to enjoy favorite foods in a more sustainable and ethical manner, with many stating, “There is no reason to keep eating the animal one.”

Others were impressed by the product's clean label, expressing surprise and appreciation it was possible to create such a delicious product without animal or additives.

Source: Heura Goods

Heura’s team was kept busy answering questions and engaging with the community, and the gratitude from both sides was palpable.

“Thank you!” was a phrase heard repeatedly throughout the day, to which the Heura team responded, “Thank you for supporting the Heura mission and being a part of this food system transformation."

This event marked yet another significant advance for the Spanish plant-based movement, reinforcing the notion that sustainable, ethical, and delicious alternatives to meat are not only possible but are being embraced by communities around the world.

Heura Foods continues to lead the way, further proof, the future of food is plant-based.

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