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Two Aussie Plant-Based Heavyweights Merge Bringing Consumer Benefits

In a move aimed at meeting the escalating demand for plant-based options, prominent Australian plant-based meat brands LOVE BUDS and vEEF are joining forces under a new entity called The Aussie Plant Based Co.

The Aussie Plant Based Company

Source: The Aussie Plant Based Company

This strategic merger brings together the expertise and offerings of Sydney-based All G Foods’ LOVE BUDS and Sunshine Coast-based Fenn Foods’ vEEF, promising a more accessible and diverse range of products for consumers across Australia and beyond.

Source: The Aussie Plant Based Co - vEEF Range

The formation of The Aussie Plant Based Co consolidates two key players in the industry, granting access to an extensive network of 6,000 distribution points nationwide and a well-established manufacturing hub on the Sunshine Coast.

Source: The Aussie Plant Based Co - Love Buds Burger

This extensive reach positions the new company to effectively serve the varied preferences of consumers, not only in Australia but with aspirations to expand into markets in Asia and the Middle East.

Jan Pacas, the chair of the newly formed entity, emphasized the aspirations of The Aussie Plant Based Co to lead the Australian industry with a wide array of appealing products and a dedicated team.

Alejandro Cancino, the CEO of The Aussie Plant Based Co, sees this collaboration as a testament to a shared commitment to sustainability and health. By leveraging each company’s strengths, the merger aims to expedite the adoption of plant-based alternatives, contributing to a greener planet and ethical sources of protein.

This merger is anticipated to offer a positive impact on consumers by providing more diverse and readily available plant-based options, aligning with a growing trend towards healthier and sustainable food choices.

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