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DIMO Agribusinesses Expands Reach with Miditer Branded Sustainable Plant-Based Products

Emerging from Sri Lanka's lush organic gardens onto the global stage, DIMO Agribusinesses introduces MIDITER, a brand committed to sustainable plant-based products.

Operating under the DIMO Agrifoods umbrella, Miditer is a strategic move by one of Sri Lanka's largest and most venerable companies into the global food supply sector.

Miditer Logo

Source: Miditer

In a world experiencing major shifts in the food landscape marked by a growing appetite for organically sustainable plant-based options, Miditer has set its sights on emerging trends.

With an emphasis on sustainability and responsible agricultural practices, the brand aligns with Sri Lanka's recent ban on synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides, further solidifying the nation's reputation as the 'Organic Isle.'

Recently making its debut at the Fine Foods Australia exhibition, Miditer showcased its dedication to providing sustainable alternatives in the plant-based food sector. The event was a testament to DIMO Agribusinesses' vision of expanding its role in Sri Lanka's organic food sector and venturing into international food service initiatives.

Miditer Fine Food Australia

Source: Miditer

Rajeev Pandithage, Executive Director of DIMO (Food/Agro Business and Automotive), says his team, was extremely satisfied with the FFA, Sydney experience. 'We intend to be back next year for Melbourne. This show confirmed to us there is indeed an appetite for quality coconut and fruit products', says Rajeev Pandithage.

Source: Miditer

Miditer's foundation lies in collaboration, working closely with local communities and farmers sourcing only high-quality, naturally grown organic produce. The brand adheres to a 'seed-to-table' concept, advocating transparency throughout the production process. This commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious practices positions Miditer well to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.

DIMO Agribusinesses, which traces its roots back to modest beginnings as an automobile sales and repair business in 1939, has evolved into a diversified conglomerate operating in ten sectors. As a significant player in Sri Lanka's business landscape, it is committed to creating value responsibly and ethically while representing some of the best global brands.

The inclusion of Miditer in DIMO's brand portfolio reflects the parent companys' proactive approach to meeting the changing preferences of consumers in the evolving global food scene.

All this month Miditer celebrates Organic Month. For more information CLICK HERE

Miditer Organic Month Graphic

Source: Miditer



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