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Your Green Thumb Could Harvest Big Savings As Veggie Costs Climb

In a world coming to grips with a higher cost to live, savvy green thumb individuals are turning to a time-tested solution - growing their own vegetables. More and more people are doing this according to one of New Zealand's most popular online seed supply companies.

'Spring, brings with it a sense of new and fresh beginnings, presenting an opportune time to explore the real cost advantages of growing your own produce', says Cameron Stringfield, Founder and CEO of .

A basket full of fresh vegetables

Source: GrowYours

Not only does a personal green initiative yield the potential for a bountiful harvest of savings, but it also nurtures both personal health and the environment.

According to industry gardening associations, a well-maintained domestic vegetable garden can yield a substantial savings, suggesting annual savings on grocery bills of between $600 and $1000.

Source: GrowYours

The financial benefits of home gardening are reiterated by Cameron Stringfield who emphasises the empowerment coming from taking control of your vegetable supply chain.

'By embracing home gardening, individuals regain control of their food supply and will experience firsthand the economic benefits. It’s a small investment that reaps substantial savings and instills a sense of self-sufficiency', says Cameron Stringfield.

Red vine tomatoes

Source: PFN

So what are the 6 most popular homegrown vegetables in Australia and New Zealand ? Coming in top of the list is everyone's summer veggie :

1. Tomatoes: Versatile and easy to grow, tomatoes flourish in spring, offering a substantial yield for salads, sauces, and more.

2. Lettuce: Fast-growing and ideal for salads, lettuce is a popular choice for home gardeners seeking a quick harvest.

3. Carrots: A rewarding root vegetable, carrots are relatively easy to cultivate and can thrive in a variety of garden setups.

4. Zucchini: Known for its abundant yield, zucchini is a versatile vegetable suitable for home gardens, and it’s easy to grow.

5. Capsicum (Bell Peppers): These colorful peppers are a staple in many dishes and are well-suited for home gardening, either in pots or garden beds.

6. Spinach: Nutrient-rich spinach is a fast-growing leafy green, perfect for salads and various culinary uses.

'Growing your own vegetables is a win-win non-the-least giving the mind a break from all that's going on in the world,' says the GrowYours Founder.

Kohlrabi from

Source: GrowYours Kholrabi

'Not only does it offer significant financial savings, but it also allows you to enjoy fresh, organic produce right from your backyard. It’s a sustainable practice connecting you with the food you consume along with feeling the positive impacts in your overall well-being', concludes Cameron Stringfield.

Cultivating your own vegetables isn’t just about nurturing plants; it’s about cultivating financial resilience, fostering a greener planet, and sowing the seeds of a healthier future.

'Embrace the garden, embrace the savings!' Now this makes sense to us.

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