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Johnny Cashew Crunching Carbon & Cultivating African Cashew Communities

Dutch food startup, Johnny Cashew, has set its sights on revolutionising the global cashew trade,

focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainability by introducing more 'localisation' through its African growing regions.

Johnny Cashew Africa

Source: Johnny Cashew

The global cashew industry faces immense pressure due to the surging demand for nuts in plant-based products. Johnny Cashew aims to address this challenge by redefining the way cashews are processed and distributed worldwide.

Source: Johnny Cashew

At the core of Johnny Cashew's strategy lies a commitment to localisation. Despite 55% of the world's cashews being grown in African nations, a staggering 88% of these nuts undergo shelling in Asia before reaching consumers on other continents. This practice results in unnecessary carbon emissions and deprives cashew-producing countries like Tanzania of economic opportunities.

Johnny Cashew is charting a different course based on five key principles:

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions: The startup shells cashews at their source, reducing the need for long-distance transportation and minimizing carbon footprints.

  • Whole Harvest Approach: Johnny Cashew purchases entire cashew harvests, including broken cashews, supporting local farmers comprehensively.

  • Fair Pricing: Farmers are offered fair compensation, with Johnny Cashew implementing a Living Income Reference Price (LIRP) developed in collaboration with Lidl and Fair Trade Netherlands.

  • Long-Term Partnerships: The company fosters enduring relationships with local partners across the supply chain, ensuring sustainability and community development.

  • Traceability: From farm cooperatives to retailers, Johnny Cashew maintains a rigorous traceability system, ensuring transparency in its operations.

Source: Johnny Cashew - African Operations

Since its debut in May 2022, Johnny Cashew has expanded its product line to encompass organic cashews and a variety of flavored nuts.

The startup also collaborates with private labels like UL, Lidl's Way to Go, introducing its ethical cashews to a wider audience.

Way To Go Cashews

Source: Johnny Cashew

Initially available in the Netherlands, Way to Go cashews are set to make their way to Lidl stores in nine other countries later this year, spreading the message of sustainable cashew production and consumption globally.

As Johnny Cashew changes the way nuts are processed, making localisation work will not only create the potential for the reduction in carbon emissions, but also increase economic benefits for rural communities. Makes sense !!

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