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London is the Hammiest City on Earth Says La Vie

London, a city famous for its ham-named locales like Buckingham, Clapham, and even Fulham, is embracing a quirky newcomer to its meaty tradition. Enter La Vie, the French trailblazer in plant-based ham, ready to turn the pork-loving capital on its curly tail.

La Vie isn’t just launching in London, they’re taking over with a playful vigor hard to ignore. “Forget Barbie, welcome La Vie in HAMstead! We're here to show Londoners how scrumptious and eco-friendly our plant-based ham is,” squeals the enthusiastic team behind the brand.

La Vie Social - La Vie Lond-ham team

Source: La Vie Social - La Vie Lond-ham team

What’s on the menu for this hammy invasion? A whole lot of pink and plenty of plant power:

  • Whole Foods Market Debut: It’s a dream come true for the La Vie™ team, standing proudly in front of the iconic Whole Foods window, their plant-based ham glistening under the spotlight.

  • London Underground Takeover: The Tube is getting a dose of pink, with vibrant billboards that promise to make even the most stubborn meat lovers pause and consider a plant-based bite.

  • Pink Cabs: Not to be outdone, London’s famed black cabs are sporting a rosy makeover. From Fulham to Buckingham, these pink beauties are hard to miss.

  • Love Truck Tour: Spreading love and ham sandwiches, the La Vie™ Love Truck is navigating the streets, wooing everyone from staunch vegans to curious carnivores.

  • Retail Revolution: For those ready to take the plant plunge, La Vie™ ham is now just an aisle away at Waitrose & Partners, Tesco, and Ocado Group.

Source: La Vie Social - slide shows Pink cab, London tube, in the chillers and Pink food truck

"At La Vie, we adore meat, just not its environmental footprint," explains a company spokesperson. "Our mission is to transition folks from animal-based to plant-based proteins, using our patented veggie fat recipe that’s as juicy as it is joyful."

So, hail the Pink La Vie cab, hold tight. As they say, from plants with love! 🌱💕

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