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India’s Animal Champion Dives Fork-First into the Good Dot Vegan Range

Arvind is a passionate Indian animal rights activist with a tens of thousands of online followers. His mission; to have the sub-continental nation go fully vegan.

What better way than to rave about a plant-based meat brand, already making waves, than literally diving fork-first into every product in the popular Good Dot vegan range.

Known for his strong stance on ethical dietary choices and animal welfare, Arvind’s foray into vegan cuisine has gained alot of attention with a recent video.

India, a nation with a nearly 1.5 billion population, predominantly adheres to a vegetarian Hindu lifestyle. Surprisingly, 72% of the population embraces a meat-inclusive diet, with an average per capita meat consumption of 3.8kg annually.

Arvind’s significant social media reach, exceeding 600k followers, is acknowledged, albeit representing a fraction of the vast populace.

Source: Good Dot

The brand's diverse offering , features options like fried chicken alternatives, mutton curries, and keema pavs, catering to vegans, flextarians and carnivores.

Good Dot Chicken Curry Kit

Source: Good Dot

Arvind believes eating plant-based vegan can reshape perceptions of food production, savoring meat-like flavors without harming animals. Good Dot products are now shipped throughout India.

For more information about Good Dot CLICK HERE



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