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Is Amaranth Your New Nutrient-Packed Superfood and Morning Brew Buddy?

Ever heard of amaranth? It’s not just a trendy word in health circles; it’s a powerhouse of goodness for your body and even your morning routine!

Amaranth, a humble yet extraordinary crop, is stepping into the spotlight as a sustainable and nutritious alternative to your usual grains.

Red Amaranth growing in a field

This mighty plant is a water-saver, using moisture efficiently for lush growth, and it’s kind to the soil too. Amaranth requires fewer nutrients from the ground, meaning it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t lead to soil depletion.

Farming it organically is a popular choice, making it even more appealing to the environmentally conscious.

Amaranth’s versatility doesn’t stop at its growth habits; it has many kitchen uses. From its seeds to its leaves, every part can be used to make a variety of products.

Imagine starting your day with amaranth coffee – a blend of amaranth, chicory, and coffee – it’s not just unique but also delicious.

Amaranth coffee

Source: Amaranth Association

It's uses don't stop there according to Olexandr Duda, President of the Ukrainian Amaranth Association.

'We are considering it as a great ingredient for plant-based meat. Everyone who tasted the textured amaranth protein gave positive feedback', says Olexandr.

Source: Olexandr Duda - Textured Amaranth Protein

And there’s more! Amaranth is a treasure trove of nutrients and bioactive compounds. It’s a source of proteins, fiber, and other essential nutrients that are good for your health. Plus, it’s a boon for those with a sweet tooth – amaranth is used to make a wide range of tasty sweets, especially in Eastern Europe.

Amaranth Chocolate

Source: Olexandr Duda - Amaranth Chocolate

As we look for sustainable ways to meet our growing food needs, amaranth emerges as a hero. Easy to grow, needing less water and fertilisers, and producing an abundance of healthy food – it’s a win-win!

More information about Amaranth CLICK HERE

Editors note: Amaranth grows in all states of Australia as well as throughout New Zealand..infact it grows almost everywhere.



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