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Grater Goods ‘Get Legless This Christmas' Billboard Campaign Is Taking Animal Meat Head-On

In a bold move that's ruffling feathers across New Zealand, Christchurch-based Grater Goods has set in motion its cheeky 'Get Legless This Christmas' billboard campaign.

Grater Goods ‘Get Legless This Xmas’ Billboard

Source: Grater Goods - Impressive 'Get Legless' billboard seen in a Lower Hutt, Wellington street.

The campaign is stirring up a festive frenzy with its launch of 1kg plant-based roast Chickun and roast Furkey, now strutting their stuff in over 140 supermarket outlets nationwide, including Woolworths / Countdown stores.

The 'Get Legless this Xmas with Grater Goods Roast Furkey' has become the talk of the town. This white-meat seitan roast, filled with herb stuffing and snugly wrapped in a soy 'skin', is topped off with a luscious maple glaze.

Source: Grater Goods

It's a Christmas culinary dream that's easy to cook, scrumptious whether served hot or cold, and stands out as a stunning centerpiece on any festive table.

With more than 10,000 plant-based chicken and turkey roasts produced, Grater Goods is catering not just to vegans and vegetarians but also to a growing legion of flexitarians. This surge in production signals a rising tide of awareness and a shift towards more sustainable eating habits.

These roasts are described as decadent and impressive, perfect for any celebratory occasion.

Source: Grater Goods

Although sold frozen, they thaw into ready-to-devour delights that can be refrigerated for up to 14 days.

For those eager to tuck in, remember this is a pre-cooked delicacy. The key to a perfect roast is just warming it up and getting that golden, crispy skin. With a hot oven, the cooking time might need to be reduced, but keeping an eye on it will ensure a perfectly browned, festive feast.

Grater Goods' playful campaign not only adds humour to the holiday season but also offers a mouth-watering, ethical alternative that's gaining ground in the hearts (and plates) of traditional animal meat eating New Zealanders.

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