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IKEA's Festive Gigantic Turkey-Sized Meatball Rolls into Christmas!

Just when you think you've seen it all, this holiday season, IKEA has cooked up a whimsical wonder straight out of a Christmas fairy tale.

Move over, mammoth meatballs of yore, and make way for IKEA's latest culinary marvel - the Turkey-Sized Plant-Based Meatball! It's not just a dish; it's a festive spectacle that promises to be the talk of the table.

IKEA's turkey-sized meatball

Source: IKEA UK

This colossal creation, weighing in at a whopping 4.5kg, is a culinary chimera blending the size of the U.K.'s beloved Christmas turkey with the savoury allure of IKEA's iconic meatball. It's not just a meal; it's a plant-based veggie meatball monument sure to evoke laughter and gasps around the Christmas dinner table.

Imagine this: A giant, succulent plant-based meatball, boxed and ready to dazzle, accompanied by the classic lingonberry jam and IKEA's creamy, dreamy sauce. It's a festive feast set to dethrone the traditional turkey, ready to take center stage amidst your yuletide trimmings.

But there's more! In a twist straight out of Santa's workshop, IKEA throws a curvemeatball - a Veggieball Christmas Tree! For the plant-based enthusiasts, this delightful kit allows you to craft your very own veggieball tree, complete with a cone-shaped base, using the mouth-watering veggieballs from IKEA's range.

IKEA's turkey-sized meatball

Source: IKEA UK

Karen Hughes, IKEA UK's Food Manager, says its more than plain old Christmas fare.

'The Turkey-Sized meatball isn't just a dish; it's a Christmas miracle for IKEA meatball aficionados. We're thrilled to unveil it just in time for the festive season and can't wait to see it become the star of Christmas dinners!', says Karen Hughes.

So, how do you get your hands on these marvels? IKEA teases the sale of the Turkey-Sized Meatball on their Instagram page (@IKEAUK) onsale in the UK now. Additionally, adventurous souls can go into UK IKEA stores, seeking out the hidden turkey-sized meatball for delivery Christmas eve.

Understandably the giant plant-based meatball is attracting alot of interest via IKEA's Instrgram page - where they are giving away 25 of the giant meatballs as well.

IKEA's turkey-sized meatball
  • "Why tag 25 people if I'll eat it all myself?" laughs Prattquello.

  • Suziewong02 exclaims, "I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE – THE TURKEY MEATBALL 😍".

  • "Turkey-sized meatball 😋," drools Nix_michelle1.

  • R4z33n4l1 notes, "The veggie will feed the family for days".

  • "I NEED ME THIS HUNK OF MEAT," declares Ethanchan96.

  • Findingryanc keeps it simple, "Big Meatball :))".

  • Captainmorgangb suggests, "The perfect house party crowd pleaser... You do the food, we're on drinks 😎🔥".

Source:IKEA UK

This holiday season, IKEA isn't just selling its iconic furniture; they're serving up joy, laughter, and a gargantuan meatball sure to become a legend in Christmases to come. HO HO !!!

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